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Hey difry_uti, I went to NTI in 2010. Its is a scam! NTI LIED!!! In every aspect pertaining to the school. From the recruiter coming to my home to graduating with a job. I was supposed to be trained to get a job at the top, because I quote " I would be trained above everyone else because NTI teaches the newest and and best technology out there. I had to settle for a job at a Ford dealership changing oil. The certifications I received is NO... Read more

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If you wanna learn how to turn a wrench buy a POS take it apart put it back together again and again make mistakes and learn from em. But if u wanna lrean all the languages of the automotive industry, learn how to diagnose electronic problems, use scantools and know how everything inside of a vehicle works pay UTI be a students by asking questions listen n class be about getting knowledge. UTI aint gonna give u a job u will have to get they... Read more

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Id give this place zero stars if I could. I went for a year and a half and graduated with a 3.74 GPA, was on the deans list, and student of the course. They promise job placement which is all fine and dandy if you want to work at jiffy lube and cant afford to pay back your loans. Its a joke. You cant even work on your car for open shop. They'll let you change your brakes and that's about it. They threw a fit when I changed my spark plugs because... Read more

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All they want is your money and all of the classes are really easy they treat you like your a little kid and when you go do lab work its really *** you work on half of a car or the chassis of a car most of the nice cars tou cant even touch

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Worst school ever went there to learn about reefer units half of the schools units didnt work the equipment is out dated

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I as well am a former UTI student you was accepted into the Mercedes ELITE program, Factory Paid. I had a $16 hr job before I left ready for me. All classes have hands on from running vehicle to actual brake jobs, and actual alignments you perform. I read these post all the time about UTI SUCKS. Truth of the matter is most of the student body have no drive to be there and get out what they put in. Now years later and with no doubt UTI being the... Read more

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To easy to cheat. Someone I know has someone else doing his homework. Has received SOC all but once. He couldn't even figure out what was wrong with my car & screwed up my brakes. Takes no responsibility & nlamed another. Refused Cummins cause he would fail the first test & no one would sponsor him. Will graduate anyway on 7/22/16. School is a joke. Read more

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I'm a retired vet from the army and currently attending uti. they will lie to you from the start just know that. but it's an ok start for a career if you don't know much. if you have other tech schools or a community collage in your area that offers auto or diesel programs check them out. I suggest that you take a diesel course because most of those jobs pay by the hour, not flag hours or commission I will finish my course at 57 weeks and will... Read more

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Where do I start. Seemed like a good idea. Not many shops care about "the paper" you receive. Graduated 4.0 GPA 99% attendance rate. Took me 1 year to get a job paying 13.50 per hour. The career assistance is a joke. Most employers will laugh you out of their office due to the amount of garbage technicians UTI has let into the wild. It took me 6 years to achieve a wage that I could begin to pay school bills, tool bills, and living expenses. If... Read more

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This is a huge waste of money and they automatically hate you if you dont want to attend by far the worst representative (danita williams) she pressures you to attend you and wont leave you alone even if you dont want to she still tries to get you to apply for 50 dollars so even if you dont attend they still got something out of you absolutely not a school id recommend

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