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Universal Technical Institute
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  • Aug 27
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I am currently attending the Exton, PA campus for Diesel. All I can say is that this is a giant waste of my time, money, sleep, and life. I went into this school with the hopes of being a diesel mechanic, and getting some hands-on experience. Well, of my 15 classes (each being only 3 weeks long) about half of them had ANY actual mechanical hands-on 'labs'. In the 'lab' you will spend more time... Read more

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  • Aug 27
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I attended at uti Rancho Cucamonga. I ended up dropping out good thing it was enough time to get my money back. Where to start, first thing it's over priced they promise jobs right when you graduate which I talked to some people who graduated never able to get a job, I've talked to automotive shops they say they don't hire uti people because it's mostly book smarts and they want hands on smart.... Read more

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  • Aug 22
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If you have any questions call me. 936-697-7657. I graduated from the school in 2009. Worst experience of my life. I am now paying 30,000 in loans. I was top in my class and promised a Mercedes tech job. BMW and Mercedes stopped sponsoring the school. All they have left is ford FACT. You can get a job as a helper in any ford dealer without having to spend the money for basic training. I now work... Read more

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  • Jul 29
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I attended UTI in Norwood, MA and I have to say that place was a flat out scam! Where the *** is all the hands on training they boast about? Don't take my word for it. Listen to other reviews, do research and then make your decision. But if you still decide to go to UTI I'm almost positive you'll regret it! Read more

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  • Jul 23
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I'm a aduate or about to be. When I first came to uti I was hesitant on signing up. After filling n signing forms I was told that most of my tuition was paid for and that I owed under $5k by the time I graduate. Now that Im close to graduating I get a form saying that I now owe $22k I couldn't believe it. Yes u can get a job that might pay ur tuition but its not guaranteed. I wish they... Read more

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  • Jul 15
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  • Phoenix, Arizona
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The school is really beautiful but it seems they spend more focus on the persona of their school & their government paycheck rather than being involved with the best learning styles for their students. The classes are 3 weeks long, I've learned & remembered so little. I withdrew & they made me feel very pressured about my decision & it was a really rough time because they... Read more

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  • Jun 30
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  • Charlotte, North Carolina
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Getting a full tour of the Institute by Justin Durham, first off there's the biggest problem. He is nothing more than a promoter of the school. He makes everything seem so perfect, but I beg to differ. He talks so highly about the school, and if you mention that you are considering to attend another school that's not UTI, he gets this look on his face, and actually down talks to school. And he... Read more

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  • Jun 26
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  • Bedford, Texas
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I was informed by UTI that because of my 3 past felonies (all non violent) I cannot even be considered for enrollment for 10 years. So let me get this straight, I served my time, completed my parole, want to better my life and further my education with MY own money, and I can't? I asked The woman on the phone "so I am supposed to start school when I'm 45 years old?" She responded... Read more

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  • Jun 22
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I attended the Mooresville Campus around Fall of 2010 in North Carolina.I remember being overly excited to start that place and being overjoyed to leave my hometown and start a new chapter in my life towards my "Career". First off, i just want to say the housing is complete ***. You pay way too much and they shove your *** in a small apartment with like 5 other guys with 1-2 bathrooms, big... Read more

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Has anyone considered contacting the attorney general's office. My son and six of his classmates.continue to struggle. They will never.work in that.field Add comment

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