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Hello, we have been trying to reach you to discuss your concerns, but have been unable to do so. We will continue to try to reach you as UTI’s sincere desire to understand your frustration and our customer service representative is attempting to reach out to you directly per your request. We have a long history that has produced over 200,000 graduates and your input is important in our efforts to constantly improve.
Los Angeles, California

i was mistreated and threatened with imprisonment by one of the education manager. its time they know were not gonna stand for the false advertisements and we get back whats ours.

i know you guys have had the same or worst problems they say they can help you but theres no help all they do is rob you of 30,000 dollars and tech you the things you can learn from reading a book. not to mention your promised of a professional atmosphore i never found it. please guys help me take these guys down so they cant hurt anymore

i wanna hire a lawyer and file class action lawsuit against uti.

please email me if interested in joining at

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I went to UTI, my recruiter or scammers as I like to call them promised me streets of gold! As I did my research on this COMPANY (not a school) I found nothing but great things to read about them on the internet.

This is where my nightmare turned into reality!

I attended UTI Houston, TX. My "recruiter" promised me they would have a job ready for me as I moved down there starting at $13 an hour, and a place to live. He said I would have to bunk up a couple of days in a hotel while things got sorted out, and I would have to meet with student services to get all this info as soon as I got to Houston.

I was also told I wouldn't have to pay ANY student loans until 6 months after I graduated. That being said I did exactly as my "recruiter" told me to do, and it was all a LIE!

Student services did help find me a job at walmart warehouse part time at $7.75 an hour TWO MONTHS after I got down there... they however did not help very much with a living situation... 1 week later and a $1000 living in a hotel, they gave me 3 apt complexes that had openings, all in crime ridden, gang violent neighborhoods.

So after all this it still gets shittier....

two weeks into my first class cycle I was called into student services and was told they were going to terminate me as a student if I didn't start paying my tuition! I had not found a job, I just signed a year lease at my apt, and now they put this on my plate, it was absolutely heart breaking. But I'm a fighter and didn't give up because I believed the BS they fed me!

I was drinking the Koolaide for sure!

So I fought, and fought, and fought for 6 months! Working for minimum wage, not being able to pay my bills, and then the icing on the cake happened!

I was working on a car when one of the tools I was provided broke, fracturing a front tooth, pushing it into my gums.

As soon as the process of replacing was in motion UTI kicked me out of they're school, and still to this day I have not had my tooth replaced! I lost a year of my life, got in huge amount of dept, was extremely unhealthy and sleep deprived, all because UTI promised a pipe dream.

The only thing that went right was the group of people I met down there. And I can promise you this I still keep in contact with almost all of my class 90% of them never got jobs in the field, and none of them were places with ANY companies we were promised to be placed with after graduation!


I was also lied to . I had to have a phone book sent to set up a resume .

there is no job placement. there sale associate lied to parents. they get me far away from parents at 18. make me sign grants.

that I had to pay back. when they told me I'd qualify for free education money .

I didn't have any . don't let your kids go here ..


I would like to be included in this... Guaranteed job placement what a joke!


my name is Daphney Jhonson will you please contact me at 318-658-4627 call me any time we need to talk.

Diana F

jacobrflores - we live in a highly regulated industry and are held to strict rules with our advertisements and statements. I can assure you that we are not a scam and our statements are not false.

For any student (current or prospective) can view our statistics on student graduate and employment rates on our Disclosure page. You can view the page on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab.

Also, did you graduate from one of our campuses?

@Diana F

Ok just because you work in a highly regulated field doesn't mean you guys do what you can for people you guys are out for money.I looked for work through uti the front desk clerk there during the am is extremely rude no help there. The only court excused time is mandatory court my kids were perentaled kidnapped and I was fighting for them.

But hey sorry your a veteran no time allowed to be made up because we have a guarented pay from you. I was on my last course and found a job with a manditory orientation with the company hey no you can't make up the time to graduate but if you want to take 3classesto do so. Why I ask well what does it matter the Va will pay for them.

What about the manual transmission class that sat in lrc for a week straight. You guys claim to be about the students but you are not there is noumorus of times that you guys weren't out for the students only for your selfs

@Diana F

My son graduated from UTI Irving campus. He walked away with over 20k in debt and a piece of paper.

they couldnt even get his resume accurate. He now makes about 10 bucks and hour and and cant afford to take the time to study for any ASE tests. I am strapped paying his student loans that just seemed to keep pileing up. I know he qualified for more federal money but the school lied to us about being able to apply those type of grants.

They just asked us for more money and then took out more loans as well. I know we pai far more than we should have.

During this period I underwent a double masectomy and my mother died...the only communication received from UTI was more money due and notices about more student loans...never anything about grant money being applied. PISSED OFF PARENT


hey eddie moore you got to be kidding me!!!

You taught the class ha ha ha yeah right retard


Why would I spend my money going from SAC to spoiled *** OC to go prove something to a guy changing my man hood, who was crying over a cuss word in a classroom. What do you think goes on in the field.

Learn about manhood before you step into it. Go to ITT Tech and learn about some white collar *** bro.


Hey diesel tech kinda hard to finish class when your threatened with imprisonment if you step foot on campus all because you tell an education manger his staff is unprofessional for cursing in a school environment. Doesn't the code of conduct say something about it now of you have some thing else foul to say you can just come on down to orange county and say it to my face. If you choose that route please let me know how much of a man you are and I'll let you know where we can meet and "discuss" thanks


Both of you are pathetic. It sounds like neither of you could have hacked it there.

I have seen a lot of people leave the campus I attend. both drop outs and graduates. If is was so simple why wouldn't you just finish. One of my buddies got a job our first week there, so yeah you get jobs.

And Jacob you sound like a whiny sniveling little ***. Neither of you belong in the field anyways, you too should just cry on each others shoulders, and open a car wash or some ***.





Subject: Eddie Moore

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 14:53:55 -0400

Hello,my name is Eddie Moore i was attending classes at mmi (uti) orlando in 2007. I was sceptical of the school before i sighned up so i went there for a tour and was fed alot of info about job search assistance and life long education ops and such.well i sighned up and a few weeks into the course i was not happy as i knew more about the classes being tought than the instuctors.I kept getting told by the education manager at the time that the first six courses are a reveiw and the real challenging stuff starts with the manufac specific courses.well needless to say when i got to those they were nothing more than more review of what we had already covered.I was actually used in my first 6 courses to help your instructors teach the classes and when i got to number 7 or 8 and found out there wasnt anything i could learn from your school i went and met with a lady in the office to state my complaint and withdraw.she informed me that sallie mae and other lenders had already paid my tuition and it would be in my best interest to complete the school as it had already been paid for.I am not wanting anything for free but i contacted sallie may and the private investers and notified them i was withdrawing but to no avail.I didnt recieve anything from uti (mmi) as far as education and as far as i see it i was used as a free employee for my time there.I ask you for assistance to clear my debt through sallie may and the other private loans you recieved in my name and do what is right. please reply soon as i am seeking legal rep and plan on moving forward if you refuse to resolve this matter...

@Eddie Moore

You could try to receive help through


Thanks daszes, can't wait to meet you.


Please reread your post. Your grammar is pathetic and you contradict yourself.

Possibly the reason you did not succeed is due to the fact that you have a limited base intelligence and are illiterate. Good luck with a lawyer, I am sure they will be happy to take your money.


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