My first car was a 1974 four-door Chevy Nova that I bought for $500. I worked alongside my dad to get it running.

We sold it and bought another, faster Nova. This is when I fell in love with high-performance vehicles. Just when I thought Id found my dream job working in an auto restoration shop, the market crashed and I didnt know what to do next. Out of the blue, my former boss called and invited me on a tour of UTI.

It was love at first sight. proper tools for life and guiding me in the right direction. I now own a car and I am saving for an apartment. I had always been a gearhead but UTI took the knowledge I had and gave me the depth and understanding of what was going on in an engine.

In addition to hands-on skills, I also learned about professionalism and punctuality, both of which are critical skills in our business. Working on campus put me on the path to become a crew member of Cruz Pedregons race team. They offered me the chance to volunteer at the local race with their team, which was a great experience. I graduated from UTI with a 4.0 GPA and 99 percent attendance, and went on to NASCAR Tech to pursue my love of speed.

Again, I again volunteered with Pedregons team in Charlotte, where they qualified at No. 1 and then won. A month later I graduated and joined their team full-time. I spent the next 3 years with Pedregon.

It led to a job offer on Tony Schumachers team that I couldnt refuse. I spent a year with Schumacher as an engine builder. That year our team won the world championship. My path recently took me back to Pedregon.

I believe in the teams chance to win and its where my heart is.

UTI not only taught me what I needed to do my job but to follow my passion. Following my passion is what has led to my success and its been quite a ride.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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