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Trenton, New Jersey

do not send your child to UTI in Exton, PA. It is a totally rip-off school.

If you watch TV, they have slick ads, that make it look like your child will attend this wonderful school and become a master mechanic and make big bucks - well that is not the reality of the story. The reality is that they will get you to sign a contract for a long term, big money commitment. They really do not care if the person finishes the course - because they have gotten the money.

My son attended the "school" and he and some friends - they did not "graduate" and I have never heard of anyone who has graduated from this "school". So is that not a sign???

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I went and did find a good job but soon realized I never really needed any of that schooling and actually learned more in a few months on the job than I did at a year at UTI... Also now after the recession and a bad car accident I can't even work in the field I paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn from UTI, a load of ***. Go to college aNd get a degree


How can this even be classified as a complaint?


What a "good" role model you are. It is not their fault your child is not doing well. Maybe if your son and his friends stopped goofing off and paid attention they would graduate.