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I'm not a pissed customer. Couldn't ask for a better school for my son.

You can't be lazy and not study and then blame it on the instructors. My son studies and it shows in his tests and has only been there a month. If he does poorly he understands it's his fault. He gets up early in the morning like he should and studies right away when he gets home.

Again you can't be lazy and blame it on the school if you fail.

Reason of review: My son is doing well.

Universal Technical Institute Pros: School and instructors.

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Im sorry but apparently you dont pay attention. Most reviews state a great GPA and deans list more than once and they still say its worthless.

I did not get any indication of laziness. In fact many said employers find this 'degree' a detriment to getting a job. AGAIN read!!! It has NOTHING to do with laziness.

Employers consider this school a joke.

Did you also read that there is basically NO hands on training? I think your review is fake !!!


Because you know so well if it's fake. Keep your negative, insulting and UN-EDUCATED opinion to your self.

That's right. I said UN-educated.