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I'm currently attend the sacramento uti campus , it's was good and gravy until uti started to promote the tech 2 program. Ooooo they did sure made it sound like you were going to get more lab time less lecture.

What a *** lie!! Getting more lecture. Going over iols for like a hour and then ilt's and only have an hour of lab..then don't even get me started on the lame iols we now do. Don't get me wrong i understand.

that it's suppose be set up like the dealer ship training. But did they ever consider about the people who have to work their full time job after school? Coming home to do hours .. n do mean hour long of iols.

Just to stay on Track.

Im sick of it.i used to really enjoy coming to school.Now im stressing if im able to get the iols done.and whats up with that only one make up *** and if you dont finish iols you can't even take the test? Man uti has changed for the worse, really wish i could of gone to a jr college.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

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I enjoyed Tech 2 it forced students and staff to be more responsible. Yes, it was more work but like they said the manufacturers train the same way.

I took a heavy drivability course while being a mother to an 12 month old. It wasn't easy but I prioritized.


Can you give me some of the pros and cons of UTI please ? Im currently a highschool student and idk if i should go to UTI or a jr college ?


Go to jr college or other apprenticeship training. Save yourself a ton of money.