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Oxford, Pennsylvania

PARENTS: SAVE YOUR MONEY! I am not a slacker. I graduated with perfect attendance. Scored student of course with the exception on 2 courses. I did well. I pushed all my instructors to get the most out of all their experience.

I MAY AS WELL HAVE TAKEN A BASKET WEAVING COURSE. There is no practical application to anything I learned. UTI is to technical education is what McDonalds is to fine dining.

My parents are 22,868 currently in debt, I make 16.85 an hour. My buddies that I graduated high school with went right into the industry at entry level. They have new cars. New tools. Adequate income, and are 18 months ahead of me in experience. AND DEBT FREE

I have been on 7 interviews in the past 3 months. Employers tell me they would rather have someone with natural ability than someone than needs to go to school to learn it. One said frankly" that piece of paper is more of an impediment to you than an asset.

If you want my advice don't show it to the next employer. If you want a job. You better learn how to lie that you've never set foot in that facility."

I made a mistake.. I read the reviews and I ignored them because i did t put any value In the opinion of people that couldn't form a proper sentence. The other reviewers may be inarticulate . But they are telling the truth. AVOID DEBT AND REGRET.. AVOID UTI.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $31485.

Universal Technical Institute Pros: Instructors, Discipline.

Universal Technical Institute Cons: Money focus, Student services.

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