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Hello, we have been trying to reach you to discuss your concerns, but have been unable to do so. We will continue to try to reach you as UTI’s sincere desire to understand your frustration and our customer service representative is attempting to reach out to you directly per your request. We have a long history that has produced over 200,000 graduates and your input is important in our efforts to constantly improve.
Rancho Cucamonga, California
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Yay for Universal Technical Institute in Sacramento. This is the campus to go to. They are always seeking to help students and never treat you like a tuition payment machine. Student services actually services students and financial aid is always trying to assist in funding. Since transferring to the Rancho Cucamonga campus it has been very challenging to attend school. The teachers get no respect from students or education managers. This school goes above and beyond to assist irresponsible students and tells quality students that it is how it is. Never attend the Rancho Cucamonga campus. All they care about is the tuition and their curriculum is subpar of Sacramento. I really hope I can find a good job graduating from this campus but it absolutely deserves the horrible reputation at Rancho.

Rancho had me out of school for four months just trying to accomplish a transfer, which is not a transfer. You must completely withdraw from school and re-enrol. They eventually dropped all the hidden fees associated with my "transfer" after I had a lengthy conversation with the corporate office about how a previous student services director flat out lied about dropping my fees until I signed up for Rancho and was told I was on hold due to non-payment. For the last 3 months of attendance the differences among the campuses has become glaringly obvious. Students actually own the teachers based on the evaluations they give. This may sound like a good thing but this allows non-serious students to badly rate a teacher simply because he didn't like being instructed. The teachers at Sacramento were respected and if you disrupted the class you got kicked out for the day. They didnt say "oh no this horrible example of a student might drop out and then we have to refund tuition". Sacramento knows that bad examples of students will hurt the whole company image upon graduation. The curriculum is very outdated and focuses far too much on old technologies. They only replace parts on cars and machinery after weeks of paperwork, to the detrimant of the students education. They do everything they can to budget high bonuses for administrative staff and take away student assitances such as gas cards, food pantry, and in-house student grants. This campus is beyond corrupt. Hopefully, I recieve no negative backlash for my honest opinion and I will not be silenced for fear of retribution. You are an educational facility first and a cash cow second. This is why you are still funded by FAFSA.

Also, I am a female and find that women have very little respect here. The students are not forced to respect staff or female students. In Sacramento my sex was an edge but here it is something I have to fight every day. I am regualarly being called names and harassed. Once again, I reported an incident to Student Services and chose not to have the guy pulled out of class to prevent furthering the issue but Sacramento was always reminding students to be professional and respect EVERYONE. They would have regular meetings on keeping down harassment and non-professional antics. They didn't just show a powerpoint and say "This is bad, mkay".

I deeply regret attending Rancho Cucamonga but I have met a beyond exemplary instructor and I appreciate his Sacramento frame of mind.

If given the chance I would return to Sacramento but unfortunately I'm not sitting on a scholarship or 3,000 dollars for moving cost.

I have perfect attendance and a 3.8 gpa, attended for over a year

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Universal Technical Institute Pros: Instructors, Electives.

Universal Technical Institute Cons: Student services, Administrative staff, Ceo, President sean carlson, Curriculum, Conduct standards, Lack of discipline, Money focus.

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Sounds like thy aren't treating u like ur special like thy do women here in sac guess u use to not having to do anything to get ur grade here in sac thy just just give women anytime thy want


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