My passion for cars started when I heard stories about how my grandfather used to work on and build cars. Growing up, my mom was the one that taught me the basics on how to work on cars.

Prior to UTI, I was getting my general education and psychology degree at a local college. Two years in, I decided to go to UTI because of all the opportunities. I felt that the education they offered would help me better my future. When I first started at UTI, all I knew how to do was an oil change, so the hands-on learning was very important.

The hands-on situations helped me better understand what I needed to know. All of the instructors were very helpful, and helped me build the skills and knowledge I needed to excel in the automotive industry. I decided to take the Ford FACT program not only because of my love for Fords but also because it would gave me more in-depth knowledge. Taking the Ford FACT program helped me stand out from other technicians and gave me the certifications I needed that would have otherwise taken years to get.

I used to think that success was all about getting paid but UTI showed me that having certifications and knowledge was what was important to succeed. UTI guided me to the job I have now. I get up every day to discover a new puzzle that I have to solve and I can say that I truly love it. If I hadn’t gone to UTI, I’d either still be going to school or be doing basic oil changes.

UTI helped me so much that I couldn’t imagine not going to this amazing school. UTI pushed me to strive for success in everything I did and I wouldn't have gotten this far so quickly without the guidance and education they gave me

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Ford Fact Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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