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Thank you for providing feedback regarding Universal Technical Institute (UTI). We are sorry your education experience was not a positive one. While it is UTI’s sincere desire to understand your frustration, our customer service representative has not been able to reach out to you directly because your contact information was not provided. As a leading provider of training for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians, UTI has graduated more than 200,000 technicians during more than 50 years in business. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our training and instructors but also the success that UTI graduates experience in their careers. Please reach out to us directly. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns in person.
Houston, Texas

when i when to apply at uti i had all iformation i needed but they send me home because i dint had signuture of my parents that made mi so angry 45 miles driving for nothing they are sending me the bill but when i dont pay it in time it increase the payment and the parking lot are allways full some *** hit my car triying to get out at the same time the are also ather embaresing but i dont whant to talk about it. and the uniforn and sopply were $$$ i wish i coul get my refund>

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As far as grammar goes, I wouldn't worry about a trade school, but sign yourself up for elementary school again


"but they send me home because i dint had signuture of my parents that made mi so angry"

I do not know where to begin. You my dear friend would not even get my consideration of a job with grammatical errors you have in this post alone.

I am not even going to go into the spelling of such simple words as didn't. How do you plan on even filling out an application for a future career?


Quit crying, like some spoiled little pansy.