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Sammamish, Washington

it all depends actually. I think uti is a great school if you already have some common knowledge.

I started the program right out of high school. I dint know anything about cars I was only driving for a year bu that time. I got at least an 80% in every class more like 90% except for like auto trans and the big diesel classes. so by the time I was done I seriously though I knew it all.

I got my first job at $10 an hour changing oil and shadowing a master tech. seeing the r.os he was giving I realized I didn't know as much as I thought. eventhough all the information was presented to me you cannot remember everything. especially if your new.

i got really lucky and made good friends with a top tech. who actually has taught me more than uti ever could have. if you want to be an auto tech your best off getting hired at a lube shop that also does service work and learn from the techs hands on is the best way. i graduated from uti with like 3.5 gpa and if was cut loose right there flat rate i would have never made it.

honestly i struggled at my first few jobs just being a lube guy. after 7 years now im the most productive tech in my shop around 150% but id have to say uti degree just got me hired rest is up to you. you will get the most benefit if you do one of the manufacturer classes like ford fact. the other classes are really generic because all cars are different and making good flat rate time you have to have experience.

like if you pull a cylinder 2 misfire knowing what cylinder is #2 without looking at a manual is going to be the kind of knowledge that makes you faster. another thing is any dealer you work for will have there own training classes similar to uti. ive been at ford now for 3 years and im still taking classes.

all in all i would not recommend this profession for someone that knows nothing about cars going in. that's what i did and it takes a good 4 years in a dealer before your going to be over 100% flat rate.

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