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Thank you for providing feedback regarding Universal Technical Institute (UTI). We are sorry your experience was not a positive one. While it is UTI’s sincere desire to understand your frustration, our customer service representative has not been able to reach out to you directly because your contact information was not provided. As a leading provider of training for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians, UTI has graduated more than 200,000 technicians during more than 50 years in business. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our training and instructors but also the success that UTI graduates experience in their careers. Please reach out to us directly. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns in person.
Mooresville, North Carolina

I would reconsider attending any type of schools that Universal Technical Institute has to offer in any state.They are a big scam that should be investigated by the better business bureau. They want your money up front and will discriminate against you if you refuse their financial aid offers.

They give you promises, but all lies just to lure you into their program. You end up with just a certificate, which does not ensure you a mechanics position.

you could end up at jiffy lube after paying $40,000 and a big fat loan to pay off for years to come. exercise caution before attending, you will be better off attending a community college and getting an associates degree.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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You knew the price before you enrolled.

Diana F

Hello, I am sorry to hear you have had an unsatisfactory experience with UTI. I can assure you and anyone else viewing that we are not a scam and are held to strict regulations by the U.S.

Department of Education on the information we disclose. Our disclosure information (student, graduate, and employment rates) can be found on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab. We also provide a PDF of our student catalog (found under any program link) which contains information on the diplomas and certificates offered at any of our campuses as well as information on the transferability of credits to other institutions. UTI awards an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS)degree in Automotive Technology and diplomas at its Avondale, Arizona, location.

All other campuses award diplomas The graduation document awarded for the program in which students are enrolled is shown on the tuition addendum, which also outlines the length and cost of each program. And while we cannot guarantee employment, we do pride ourselves on assisting our students and graduates from the beginning and throughout their entire career. This includes helping assist with job searches. One might ask what the advantage of attending UTI over other schools and institutions?

We are the industry's choice! Our extensive partnerships—many of them exclusive—with many of the world’s most well known manufacturers are important to your career as a technician. Manufacturers equip us with the latest vehicles and technology to train our students to be their next generation of employees. I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your time spent at UTI.

If you had or are having trouble finding employment, I would be happy to help connect you with your Graduate Employment Specialist to assist with your search.

If you feel that you were lied to or discriminated against, this is something that would need to be addressed. Please send me any specific details (along with any documentation, names of folks you spoke with, etc.) to me via email amd I will be more than happy to investigate these matters in hopes of recifying any outstanding issues.

I can be reached at Thank you - Diana Fry, Social Marketing Specialist, UTI/MMI/NTI

@Diana F

Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why every race shop/TEAM in Mooresville North Carolina considers this school a JOKE....Fastest way out of the interview.


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