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Hello my names Jacob i am starting a class action lawsuit against UTI for mistreatment and anything else they have done to students. If you have been mistreated by UTI in anyway please contact me at

this school has destroyed students with false advertisement and treated them like trash with out keeping up with the promises they had made to the students that attend their program.

Hopefully with your guys help we can put a stop to this so called school that keeps robbing the students that attend or had attended from reaching their full potential. thanks guys please contact me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I went to UTI, my recruiter or scammers as I like to call them promised me streets of gold! As I did my research on this COMPANY (not a school) I found nothing but great things to read about them on the internet.

This is where my nightmare turned into reality! I attended UTI Houston, TX. My "recruiter" promised me they would have a job ready for me as I moved down there starting at $13 an hour, and a place to live. He said I would have to bunk up a couple of days in a hotel while things got sorted out, and I would have to meet with student services to get all this info as soon as I got to Houston.

I was also told I wouldn't have to pay ANY student loans until 6 months after I graduated. That being said I did exactly as my "recruiter" told me to do, and it was all a LIE! Student services did help find me a job at walmart warehouse part time at $7.75 an hour TWO MONTHS after I got down there... they however did not help very much with a living situation...

1 week later and a $1000 living in a hotel, they gave me 3 apt complexes that had openings, all in crime ridden, gang violent neighborhoods. So after all this it still gets shittier.... two weeks into my first class cycle I was called into student services and was told they were going to terminate me as a student if I didn't start paying my tuition! I had not found a job, I just signed a year lease at my apt, and now they put this on my plate, it was absolutely heart breaking.

But I'm a fighter and didn't give up because I believed the BS they fed me! I was drinking the Koolaide for sure! So I fought, and fought, and fought for 6 months! Working for minimum wage, not being able to pay my bills, and then the icing on the cake happened!

I was working on a car when one of the tools I was provided broke, fracturing a front tooth, pushing it into my gums. As soon as the process of replacing was in motion UTI kicked me out of they're school saying I abused there drug policy because I was taking pain meds from the surgery I had to get, from a school supplied tool! I lost a year of my life, got in huge amount of dept, was extremely unhealthy and sleep deprived, all because UTI promised a pipe dream.

The only thing that went right was the group of people I met down there. And I can promise you this I still keep in contact with almost all of my class 90% of them never got jobs in the field, and none of them were places with ANY companies we were promised to be placed with after graduation!


Let's get one thing straight . Uti does NOT CARE for its students .

All the school wants Is your money , say what you want if your that lucky guy that managed to get out of that massive uti debt and managed to get a job in the automotive field .. congrats buddy , no one gives a ***. Now with that being said I'm here to talk to people looking to enter uti. REALLY REALLY think about it .

The hands on experience is there , the learning is there . But you better be employed or be backed up by some serious cash other wise uti will have your *** for a very very long time . To be honest the instructors aren't bad at all . They are dedicated top notch technicians that stopped turning wrenches years ago and want to give something back to future techs .

The real *** sit upstairs in the office . Those are the people uti hires to squeeze money out of students . I'm talking 32k-35k kind of money . Crazy right?

I got out of uti because I couldn't afford to pay the ridiculous mortgage bill they told me I had to pay . I got out after a week of being there because I'm a human being and need to pay for stuff like food and bills. I was told I would get billed for my week there and I said okay . The bill comes in and I currently owe 2,123.33 now excuse me when I say WHAT THE *** IS WRONG WITH YOU UTI PEOPLE ?!!

They are charging me the WHOLE month when I only went a week . Total bs ! So if you are planing to pay for your own school you better be ready to pay up 2k the first of every month for 15 months.

Really think about it . Uti has a great learning envirement but will do everything it can to get you in debt with them .


Looking for a attorney for misleading a young man to go to uti and now they no longer even offer the courses, with no degree just a certificate of completion


I tried the email and I can't get trough. Hiw can I contact you?


Is this with MMI also saying that there are plenty of jobs out there and nothing


simple as this, the material is there, the hands on is there, those instructors are top of there class. its as simple as YOU GET OUT OF WHAT YOU PUT IN, if your the kid who falls asleep all the time and cant hold there 3.5 gpa or better than why would a company want to hire you after???

i got hired 5 months before my graduation and was offered jobs by multiple places all over the nation. If you fall asleep and dont take in everything they are trying to teach you than what do u expect.

you put jack *** in and your going to get jack *** out. Plain and simple people.


Oh these biased comments are *** cute alright. UTI has great material content with many great teachers and some bad like many places.

But why is UTI bad? Because they are a for profit company. They have policies with attendance that benefit them in profit. they will say terms like " its like a real job" or " theres so much content in 3 weeks, we absolutely need these policies." but in reality if you are a young individual without the financial security that a real job would give you, and you are late 30 seconds, 4 times you will find yourself -1500.00 quickly.

even if it were to be late 30 seconds, for the fourth time say on finals day. yep -1500.00. oh and your grade? it gets effected to.

its a shame, they have many great teachers, but are greedy to the point it makes the school bad. but you can't blame yourself. why? Because the first day of the first class you have guess what happens?

A random teacher comes in an announces you are attending "A FOR PROFIT SCHOOL.".

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a country!


If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit please contact


I've been stationed in quite a few places prior to attending UTI while I was in the service and I asked a lot of the dealerships about where most of their techs graduated from. The answer was always the same.

UTI. They even said they normally choose a student on that alone. Did a little check to see where my buddies ended up doing the whole local community college thing and most of them can't even get outside of a oil, tire changing job. The small few that had ended up working for *** like Chrysler.

So it just goes to show that which is obviously better.

I also don't know how you could have classes with outdated knowledge. I currently go to the UTI campus in Avondale, AZ and I have to say that the campus and staff are amazing! I tried going up to what had to be the oldest instructors there and had a simple question on his car. (Cause I have the same one and had plans to do the same that he did to his) The instructor was so motivated when I asked him about it.

He started telling me a bunch of websites to go to and how he did his. Before I even mentioned I had the same car! Once I did he was going even harder. Anytime I've asked an instructor anything about vehicles or the current material.

They've always helped me. Asking the questions I normally get the same kinda reaction as if you told a kid he could have anything he wanted at the toy store. Every instructor I've met so far seem to get that same excitement and joy when they talk about vehicles.

As for outdated information being taught in class... Vehicles haven't had engines outside of anything that hasn't been done before.

I mean yes they do add new tech (like the ability to turn off half the cylinders fuel injection and sparks in a Chevy V8) but even with that. Everything still brought down to the basics. You can't tell me after being in class, and you paid a dang bit of attention in that class that when you had an engine from any manufacture that you couldn't recognize or tell the difference from any part that was outside or inside it.

I've had family members, and friends try to tell me this and that about vehicles. Any I didn't truly know I believed, but once I hit my first couple of classes a lot of what they thought they knew from working on vehicles for over 30+ years (Family members).

Turned out to be completely incorrect! Friends even, who do that research by forums, Google, and Wikipedia turned out to have incorrect information on a lot of things they thought they knew! Other than my family members who refused to do the research to see if what I had told them was correct or not. Still deny it!

They even had the mental state to tell me that book and class knowledge was "cute, useless" information that had nothing to back it up.

Friends that actually did some digging found out that what I told them was correct.

Even if I was going to this school on my own money instead of my GI Bill (Which I earned) I'd still go here and do it all over again. I came to this school for my love of vehicles. Not money.

The people going to a school hoping for an easy education and easy money. Shouldn't waste their time. Your probably that kid who sits in class only thinking about their own car. Cause I've sure as heck have done work on peoples vehicles just out of the enjoyment, and the fact I can't stand to see a vehicle "suffering" cause of someones lack of care, or knowledge of how and what a vehicle needs.

I've made a lot of smiles off of grateful people. People who later became friends doing so and in the long run I'll be making a lot of friends that will come back to me to work on their vehicles. Cause they know I am trustworthy, friendly, and always willing to help.

(Though you can't live off of free lol :sigh ) That's what it means to be a true Tech... Not the greed 8)

@Tech is Love of cars

They say only experience in the field will get you somewhere. Technology is so advanced in vehicles now a days you HAVE to go to school in order to work for anyone credited shop.

What you think going from the bottom of the pool of changing oil will get you a job working for Porsche, BMW, or anything of the likes is just gonna be given to you sooner or later? They have schools like UTI for a reason. Those vehicle manufactures give their programs to UTI for a reason.. They interview you and give you a opportunity to go for a reason.

That stuff isn't handed to you for doing an excellent job at even working for a place like GM or Ford. You have to earn and learn. The school can only give you what you put into it. As well as how much you fight to make it outside in the field.

If you give up easily, or don't have the love and passion for vehicles.. Don't bother picking the automotive field.

That freaking simple. :(

@Tech is love of cars

As a starting point uti is terrible. It's too expensive.

Yes they want you to know how to turn a wrench. But that's it. They don't care where you sleep or what you eat. Or how you get there.

Example my transmission shot in my first month of attendance of the Norwood campus. One teacher had no problem telling me I needed a new transmission. I mean it was a Saturn a strait go cart. He also didn't have a problem telling me I couldn't fix it at the school it would take to long they said.

Fast forward. I moved home got a new car in in my last phase and for six weeks this rich kid gets to leave his car on the lofty for a new transmission. It was a newwer import than my little shitbox. But I needed it.

I came from a single parent home and the military recruiters were less predatory. Yea the sales rep will fill your head with just about anything. Maybe tell you about one of his company race cars. I'm no slouch.

Did great in the curriculum and practice. Built the whole small block in hot rod myself for the most part. They should have more vehicles and more labs. Show you technique.

Rinse lather repeat and do it on another vehicle.

This way they can actually sell real experience. I learned more smoking cigarettes on break talking to piers for real world tech

@Tech is love of cars

The issue is that outside of basic theory you wont get much out of uti. The fact is companies like porsche will give you manufacturer specific training that is need to work on their vehicles .

I got more out of my time working as an apprentice at porsche than I ever did at my 2 years at uti.

uti is there just to make money off desperate , hopeful, and inexperienced individuals. The reason i ended up with that job was that i had been working part time at a German independent shop durring my time at uti.


I went to uti and I had no job or any way to pay for the school and they told me financial aid would pay for tuition and supplies and with financial aid I would be able to afford a place to start close to the school and they lied and now I got shafted with their ****ing loans that I'm trying to find a way out of cause I dropped out of it from teachers not really caring about me or wanting to help me if I ran into car issues and not able to get to the school.


I know someone personally who attended UTI. The teachers are substandard and one would *** bash during half the class.

When this student would have questions they were practically yelled at. The student went as far as the President and they still did nothing. They are all about the money and certainly have no care or concern for the students.


@The truth comes out

Sounds like my experience with them was yelled at and instructor went on rampage about how he would like to smack students he didn't like after i went to director i am trying to find a attorney and how to file complaint against schiol now.


What a bunch a cry babies. Attended in 2004.

GPA of 3.9. VW Training after that GPA 3.98. ASE master with L1 with in a year. Master VW TECH Six years later.

Have a house I pay for with a view of a lake. HAve a life with pay.

All thanks to putting into 100% to what UTI training provided. They gave me 200% of the correct training to begin.


Same story with me. Went in 2004 to the exton campus when it first opened and did the VW program after that.

I can honestly say I'm super happy with my life. I started uti when I was 17. I bought my 300000 dollar house when I was 24. You reap what you sow.

You get out what you put in. I'd never change anything I did and now I'm contemplating becoming an instructor.


Exton is *** now


I bet all of you crying are those "students" that our instructors kept taking time to wake you up, every *** hour of every day. I went to uti, paid attention, took it serious and I learned a lot.

I do jobs at home, I work in the automotive field and I am happy I graduated from uti. You get what you put into it you can't expect to learn from just being in the room talking, texting, sleeping.


My son got kicked out of a class because he pulled out his mp3 player out of his pocket in the classroom--instructor busted him the minute he had the mp3 player visible--meaning no time to turn it on. A real college doesn't charge you on purpose for bogus retakes at what $1,350.00 a class.

It seems like the instructors are looking for excuses to harass students that appear different like dyed black hair, piercings, tattoo. You have to look like one of the 'good old boys' not to get harassed like short hair cut absolutely no piercings and talk very masculine.

As far as the job situation in Illinois--stop bragging that job assistance is so great because Illinois in general has a high unemployment rate. We live in the rust belt so jobs are hard to come by.


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