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Phoenix, Arizona

I attended MMI for two year, getting 11 certifications in 2 brands, Harley and Honda, and what do I have to show for it? A crummy retail job.

90% of the people I graduated with are still at *** part time jobs, and MMI is about as useful as a kick in the face at helping you find a job in the motorcycle field.

They promised a lot of things when I signed up. Great job placement, great discounts because you a student, housing assistance, financial assistance, the whole 9 yards.

What did I get? The only jobs they had were for dang near 3 dollars less a hours than I am currently making, and usually in like nowhere, Nebraska. The discount is 10%, which is hardly worth it. Housing assistance is "Here's a number for some apartments that we have never even checked out (I lived in two complexes recommended by the school. Cops there at least twice a day gunshots, even had my window busted in by a drunken brawl.) And hope you have all the money saved up to get in, because we won't help you!" Financial aid is a joke, since all I ever heard was you need a co-signer for every *** thing. And of course, after 32K in student loans, I graduated. Now they want to pay almost $400 a month to pay them back.

Hmm. Guess they didn't notice the Recession at all. I only make about a grand after taxes each month, so where is the $400 gonna come from? I tried talking to them about it, and they sent me to Sallie Mae. Tried talking to Sallie Mae about it 6 times, and they sent me to MMI.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this school. Yeah The teachers are great, and yes I learned awesome stuff. But the reality is, they just want you *** money and could care less what happens to you after you graduate.

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My son went to MMI in Phoenix, and graduated with honors. He was offered jobs in two different states, and moved to NC the week after graduation.

Exciting, right?! Not. He was forced to lower his standards and morals. The service manager would make him do inscrupable things, and blame him if it didn't go right, or if the customer complained.

Forced to do things on bikes that would ensure that they were not safe, and put riders in jeapordy. Oh...he was also shown how to cover scratches with a sharpie! Thankfully, he refused to use one, and copped up to scratching a fender. He would rather they took it out of his measly pay.

He is now in school for computer engineering.

My advice? Unless you open your own shop, or work for a local shop owner, invest your money in a different school that ensures a return on your investment: computers, medical field, etc..


Do u have any pictures. Im looking 4 pics of my son


Mmi orlando has had multiple job openings for students to work at, and has placed about 85% of my graduated friends in solid jobs. You need to have the drive and the want to succeed in the field and further yourself to be able to make it in this industry.


I agree with you . I was lied to by them guaranteeing I would qualify for a grant .

I was 50yrs old in 2002 and did not want a loan. I made this clear to the recruiter I spoke to . After answering several questions I was guaranteed I would qualify for a grant.

A big fat lie . Long story short I'm still paying for a loan 13 years later.


I find it comical that all these kids are crying and complaining about how the school is just out for their money and can't find them a job and if they do get an ENTRY LEVEL position the pay sucks; Welcome to life kids. Talk to any college graduate and see how well things turned out for the majority of them.

They spent more than you and most of them are working $30k a year jobs. They also had to live in cramped quarters during school and not always in the best neighborhoods and I guarantee the school didn't give a *** whether or not they found a job.

This is reality kids, and this school is providing you with exactly what they said they would, an education. Anything else is on you so, grow up!


hahah ENTRY LEVEL is the key statement the kid clearly doesn't understand that


There's an excellent documentary on this topic that may provide you with better info. I recommend you educate yourself on the process of for-profit colleges before you start comparing them to other university systems:


i spent 5 yrs in the industry did every bit of training and was one harley phd training class short of being a master in parts i made 11 dollars an hour ! who says that being dedicated and having the drive will take care of your problems is a joke!


Hear is what i hear. This school suxs, not worth the money, 40,000 and cant get a job.

BIG HEADS-UP, its not the schools, it's not you . Right now America is in the middle of the biggest scam in a hundred years. Tha economy is horrible. Falsified job reports, falsified unemployment numbers.

Do you people know that ivy league college grads cant find jobs. Maybe some got a resteraunt management job at 35,000 a year to work 70 hours a week. Anybody foolish enough to still think a high dollar education will get you some fancy job is a fool. it will get you in debt for 15-20 years.

But you can bet oblama will be up on stage soon telling us 'HE" created another 400,000 jobs. Back to school, i know top rate Harley mechs. been turning wrenchs for 30 years got laid off, cant find work.

And you think their hiring people who graduated 2 weeks ago. Never going to happen !


I agree. MMI is a waste of time and money.

When I entered, I had no income or possibility of working while in AZ. My "advisor" put me in contact with a woman who rented rooms. He stated that if I was willing to work in food service there would be plenty of jobs available in the area. I was clear that I had no vehicle.

So in the end, I was miles from town with no way to get there. I was lucky to be able to carpool into class with some guys also going to school there. Walking was out of the question in that Arizona sun. The financial aid he talked about was limited.

In the end I left with over $16K in student loans and have been unable to find any work that utilized this education.

The Harley shops I have applied with, were at best, hiring only part time at $10 or less per hour. I think the Dept of Education needs to take a look at this place.


so what your saying is that you got what you went there for (quality education in motorcycles)? ....mmmmm


My husband went through MMI and graduated this year. His dream was to be a BMW master tech.

SOC nine times, perfect attendance and 4.0. He applied for master tech program and never heard anything again. He did find a good job starting at 16.50 an hour.

We also want to go back so he can teach there. Student loans are high and he didn't get further in BMW, but it was a good choice for us.

Diana F
@Mmi wife

Thank you for sharing, MMI wife!

@Diana F

What no copy and paste standard response here Fry? How the BS story about contacting the job counselor to get help with a job?

The more I read into MMI, the less likely I am to get "raped" for $40000 thanks but no thanks. I can make $16 and hr here working in IT which I hate, but I won't be in debt up to my eyeballs because of your misleading BS sales pitch.


Ok Bigtwigs, you have *** credit you will need cosigner...DUH!!!!! Any school you go to..You will need a cosigner if you use another type of loan...No wonder you aren't getting any jobs!!!


First of all I have a real job. Most jobs now days start out at less than $10 a hour, unless you doing construction or something similar.

So keep you rude commments to yourself. And mawcorpse, i know it's a passion, I'm not a ***. The whole reson I went to MMI is so I could get paid for doing my passion. Please take you holier than thou attitude elsewhere.

Now Dianna, I have spoken with MMI, though not within the last few months.

I have pretty much all but given up on being a professional motorcycle technician, as my Harley PHD certifications are now out of date, and I cannot afford to move cross country back to Phoenix to retake the course. I am acutally going to go down to the local UTI this week, as the job placement people have offered to help me there, as MMI has done nothing for me.


What job are you working at where you make a grand a month after taxes? McDonalds? Maybe if you had a real job you could pay your bills


cry cry cry. its a passion career not a get rich fast kind.


To Shop Owner.... If you need a good tech let me know.

I am not in need of hand holding.

And have had enough of my own bikes. So I can def, push....


Please forgive the bad grammar and spelling in my complaint above. The biggest problem I have with MMI is the fact that I know I'm a competent technician.

The most experienced? No. The fastest? No.

But willing to learn. Yet some of those that I went to school with, including one guy who thought the best way to put a cylinder head on was a hammer, have jobs in the industry, and were already working at shops when they were in school.

Guys like me, who take their time and ask lots of questions, refuse to cut corners and are generally slower than everybody else, have no chance, since if you don't finish all you projects, you can fail the class, then you have to retake the class, which can cost up to $1000 out of pocket. So, they basically teach most people the fast way of doing things, not the right way.


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