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I get that the tuition will pay, for all the mechanical tools we need for the classes, but do we get too keep them, after the program?

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Thank you for your question regarding tools. Through our partnership with Snap-on tools, graduates of the program receive a Career Starter Tool Set Voucher from Snap-on with a retail value of over $1,300. Our Course Catalog has more details about the Tool Voucher Program, the catalog is available for download on our site, – Thanks again!

I applied and everything is set up but I have a problem.

I enrolled and have everything set up for a start date of November 27th. I can no longer attend, will this affect me in anyway?

Will I have to pay the tuition before I even attended school at all? I'm slightly worried about it.

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Hello! Thank you for asking about the tuition. Plain and simple, if you do not attend class, you are not liable for any tuition amount. However, we would advise you to reach out to your representative to have your application formally withdrawn. Thank you and we hope all is well.

About the degree

So when I finish the school what do I get, do I get a degree or etc.

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Hello! Thank you for asking. Most of our campuses offer a diploma or a certificate, select campuses offer an Associates of Occupational Studies degree upon most programs completion. If you would like more information, dont hesitate to give us a call 800-834-7308.

Do you offer Night classes for people who work full time

Hello i am currently a mechanic with Mark Three Construction, working on vans, trucks, and tool repair some heavy equipment i wnat more i want to learn more and get a degree with what i do make the most money i can. i currently am working full time 40HRS a week. do you offer night classes?

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Darina S
Hello! Thank you for reaching out to UTI. We understand that working full time and going to school can be difficult. Our campuses in Dallas, TX and Rancho Cucamonga, CA have night sessions for both Automotive and Diesel programs. Dallas is from 5:30pm 11:30pm and the Rancho Cucamonga campus is from 6:00pm 10:25pm. We hope this information helps but please let us know if you have more questions. Have a great day!

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