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Hi, we have been trying to reach you but we haven't heard a response from you via email and we don't have a phone number to contact you. We will continue to try to connect as we would like to understand more about your particular circumstance to see if there's anything we can do to assist.
Avondale, Arizona

After serving in the Army and driving truck for nearly six years I decided to go back to school. I chose UTI while going thru a long list of auto/diesel schools out there. In 2008 I packed up my stuff and drove to Avondale, AZ... One of the worst, most costly mistakes I've ever made....

I decided to go full tilt and fully immersed myself into the program, Auto, diesel, and industrial. I realized quick that while a lot of the instructors were chock full of knowledge few of them were cut out to be teachers. It's one thing to read from txt in endless boring lectures, its another to bring that knowledge to the students laps. That aside I did learn a lot that I didn't already know, for that I am greatful. A year and a half into my course I had completed the diesel/ industrial portion of my studies and was well into automotive. For those not aware there are auto degrees offered, diesel/industrial degrees offered, and certificates. I found out very late in the program that "credits" from UTI were not transferable except to a very few obscure colleges. This was very troubling since I had previously been told by my snake oil salesman of a recruiter that they were. My plans were to use this as a stepping step towards my bachelors. Upon coming to the realization that I was spending a large amount of money I bled and sweat for for years I decided I was done, I'd had enough. I went to the offices and promptly told them I was leaving the school and I wanted to be credited for the diesel/industrial courses I had already finished. I WAS DENIED! I was told that there was no DEGREE for the courses I had taken that included additional auto courses and that to receive the degree I would have to remain enrolled and finish the courses I no longer felt I needed to succeed in my career. I said to the lady, "So let me get this straight. You offer a degree in automotive, a degree in diesel/ industrial right? Why is it I cant have this "degree", Which in reality kiddos is only an occupational associates which really amounts to nothing, In the diesel program I have already completed". To which she replied. "Because or computer program doesn't not recognize so therefor wont allow it to show your courses completed".... WTF to say the least... A multi million dollar institution that cant debug a computer program to give me credit for the courses I've completed. Nope, wrong answer, they just wanted more of my money.

Here I am nearly six years since I left with nothing to show for the work I completed, but I'm doing just fine. After struggling for a bit I found a good place to work and learned more in the first month of my employ than I did in all the time spent at UTI. Unlike a lot of the people on this thread I am still a mechanic who gets paid very well. I've worked my *** off to get here and I credit it all to myself, not a sorry excuse for a school. I've had the chance to work with some very smart people in the United States and around the world. I've become a very successful heavy diesel technician, and now shop foreman, because of everything that happened after I left UTI. My advise to anyone thinking of going? DONT! Take auto/shop in high school, get a job as a grunt dropping oil, work your way to the top from the ground up. Schools cant teach you anything, unless of course it's the school of hard knocks! EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING! You'll get none of that thru UTI that 99.9% of employers out there are looking for. Fact is most of them see UTI on a resume and promptly throw it in the trash. That's a fact! I manage a heavy shop and would not trade 100 UTI 4.0 grads for one of my seasoned guys. EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING. UTI just doesn't offer any up that we employers care about. Practical knowledge means nothing if you've never gotten your hands dirty. So go get yourself a job at Jiffy Lube, learn while you get paid, then move on to bigger and better things. There are no quick fixes in life, surely not with UTI. Best part is you wont have a huge debt looming over your head for the rest of your life.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Yeah here is the issue with your philosophy. How do you go from dropping oil at jiffy lube to rebuilding motors. It doesnt happen.


I agree 100% I just started uti I'm on my 3rd day and I can already tell I made a HUGE ENORMOUS mistake not being tough one *** thing signed up for diesel and they have me breaking down ford v6 seriously I mean wtf bunch of ***


U guys all complaining about uti.....I'm going to put this straight forward to u guys.....the school is great I graduated from automotive and motorcycle used my post 911 from the military. ......the experience was great there as well as great instructors.....very clean also.....I work at Lexus with a guaranteed salary of 58,'s up to u if u want to make it out in this field.....if u don't find a job it's because u r not looking hard enough. ....remember if u don't have experience u need to start from the bottom.....u can make what I make if u can't overhaul an engine and only do oil all u guys remember eating this don't listen to these knuckle heads uti is a great school u just have to motivate yourself enough and stay motivated until u get where u want to be....period....


This was helpful but unrealistic. How did you get in to work as no one will hire anyone without experience?

Was it your army, driving, and then UTI training that said you were serious and therefore they would give you a chance? Also, you must have learned something as you had courses and were learning! You had military training so you were trained in being organized and efficient, taking charge, and you did exactly that. So what is it exactly that you did not get from UTI?

It could not be clearer in their advertisements that they do not give college credits, they are not a degree granting institution, and there is no transfer. So how is it you did not see these facts until so late in the game?

Also, they have 15 schools around the country, someone is getting jobs from them, otherwise how could they have expanded? I am asking, not trying to disparage your comments.

Diana F

Hello, I am sorry to hear you have had an unsatisfactory experience with UTI. I can assure you and anyone else viewing that we are not a scam and are held to strict regulations by the U.S.

Department of Education on the information we disclose. Our disclosure information (student, graduate, and employment rates) can be found on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab. We also provide a PDF of our student catalog (found under any program link) which contains information on the diplomas and certificates offered at any of our campuses as well as information on the transferability of credits to other institutions. UTI awards an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS)degree in Automotive Technology and diplomas at its Avondale, Arizona, location.

All other campuses award diplomas. The graduation document awarded for the program in which students are enrolled is shown on the tuition addendum, which also outlines the length and cost of each program. We know that UTI isn't for everyone, however, with over 30 manufacturer relationships, over 160,000 graduates over 45 years and 4 out of 5 graduates finding employment within their field of study within 1 year of graduation, we believe that UTI is one of the best training options around. Our programs, campuses and labs replicate the experience that you’ll likely have with your first employer.

And while we cannot guarantee employment, we do pride ourselves on assisting our students and graduates from the beginning and throughout their entire career. This includes helping assist with job searches. If you feel that you were lied to, this is something that would need to be addressed. Please send me any specific details (along with any documentation, names of folks you spoke with, etc.), your contact information and Student ID number to me via email and I will be more than happy to investigate these matters in hopes of rectifying any outstanding issues.

I can be reached at

Thank you - Diana Fry, Sr. Social Marketing Specialist, UTI/MMI/NT


I would agree. I attended, and graduated, in 2000.

Very disappointed with the school. No longer working as a "technician." Un Trained Idiots (period)

Diana F

Hello - would you mind going into greater detail with your disappointment? I would welcome the change to hear more of your feedback.

I can be reached at Thank you!


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