NASCAR was something my dad and I watched together when I was a kid. I played football in high school.

When I was laid up at home with a concussion, I saw a commercial for NASCAR Technical Institute and called when I was 16. I took an auto body class in high school the next year and worked as a parts manager at a Chevy dealership in my hometown after I graduated. When GM restructured the dealership, I got cut from the shop. I was facing a dead end when I was online one day and a NASCAR Tech ad popped up.

I called again and this time I was old enough to enroll. While attending NASCAR Tech, I worked at RadioShack to pay the bills. The instructors at NASCAR Tech were encouraging and saw potential in me. I started doing pit stop practice with Braun Racing while I was still going to school.

I received the Humble Hero Award from my favorite instructor when I graduated. NASCAR Tech helped me get an interview with a big team but it was a small job. I remember going out for Chinese food and getting a fortune cookie that said, “Your dreams will come true,” and the next morning I got a call from Hendrick Motorsports and got an interview for the pit department and ended up getting the job. I’ve been with Hendrick Motorsports for the last three seasons — the first two with Jeff Gordon and now with Chase.

You can do anything when you put your mind to it but it takes a smart mind, a big heart and someone who doesn’t say ‘can’t’ to succeed. I have two sons, and I am proud of them, my career and my relationship with my girlfriend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Nascar Tech Training Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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