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Per our earlier telephone conversation in which we discussed your concerns, UTI would like to thank you for your feedback. We want to reiterate that we understand your concerns. We are glad we were able to come to an agreement on these issues and alleviate some of your frustration. Please feel free to reach out to us directly should any questions or further concerns arise. We are here to support you throughout the final few courses you have remaining at UTI and after graduation.
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How does a hands on technical school get away with giving online classes? This school is a waste of time and money!!

They are *** for all I know and I graduated from the marine side already! I sincerely hope they burn in ***!! And fix your IOL's. How is it that the IOL's mess up but I (the student) have to pay for it by not being eligible for my test?

They also like to take their sweet time giving me my refunds!!! It took 2 weeks after I graduated and many calls and cuss words for them to get it done!!

To the point where I have been to the mental institution because of how terrible this school is!!! I might get in trouble for this review but people need to know this school is garbage.

Reason of review: This school is garbage!.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Universal Technical Institute Cons: Iol.

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