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Thank you for your input regarding Universal Technical Institute (UTI). We always appreciate proper insight. As a leading provider of training for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians, UTI has graduated more than 200,000 technicians during more than 50 years in business. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our training and instructors but also the success that UTI graduates experience in their careers. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if we can be of service to you.
Chicago, Illinois

I think the people who are complaining about universal technical insitute are probably the ones who have rich parents who just want to spend their money. Grow up and actually learn something.

Pathetic. My husband teaches their and he tells me all about the snobs that come through his class who just want to slide by and don't really want to be there because their parents are making their kid do something. What a bunch of lazy people. My husband also went to this school and got a good job with excellent pay.

You can't expect to get a job that pays $100,000 right away. You actually have to work for it.

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HA!!!!!!!!!! Lady if your husband is all that why is he working there in the first place.

Was he really cutting it as a mechanic in the real world? Several of the instructors are arrogant pompous *** who do not even give a *** about teaching the kids.


I attended the Phoenix campus of MMI in the mid 80s then returned 25 years later to instruct. After graduating I began as an entry level tech and then worked my way up the ladder to top tech, shop foreman, service writer and service manager.

I've worked all over the US and spent 5+ years in Europe working in Harley shops. Currently I'm the parts and service manager for a small metric shop in Wyoming.

As a tech I specialized in Harleys but I learned to work on everything; ATVs, sport and dirt bikes, watercraft, lawnmowers, etc. Not only did being a multi-line tech make me more hire-able and create better pay checks but working on a variety of machines kept things more interesting and entertaining.

At MMI I instructed the Harley V-Rod class and the Theory class which all students have to complete in order to move on to the more advanced classes.

Out of an average class size of 20 people 5 them are there to get everything they can out of the class.

They show up every day looking professional, do their assignments efficiently, ask for extra work when they have time in order to practice and learn more and ask a lot of questions. When they make a mistake, and everybody does, they own up to it and consider it another learning lesson. These people have the capability to become top techs in the industry and instructors always wish they had more of them in a class.

10 of the 20 people show up most of the time, usually look okay and do okay work most of the time but will cut corners if they can get away with it. They don't ask for extra work and whine and complain when they get caught making mistakes.

Most of them will work in the industry but rarely become top techs.

The last 5 people are only there because mom and dad or some agency is paying them to be there. The show up enough not to attendance fail and do just enough work to squeak through the class but they're sloppy and careless. Most of the time they can be found outside the classroom talking and texting on their phones and gossiping with other slackers and their weekends are spent partying instead of studying. They have no real interest in working in the industry and wouldn't last long if they did get into a shop.

After graduation here's how things typically work. You'll start out at the bottom of the wage ladder as an entry level tech but at the same time you'll need to be buying tools, continue to learn the trade, pay off your school loans and whatever bills you have. It's tough but if you can get through the first 5 years you'll have made your big mistakes and have become a competent tech, will have a decent tool collection put together and are making some money. Whatever you do, do not start out as a flat-rate tech.

You will have neither the tools nor the experience at this point to make it doing flat-rate so you'll probably starve and become disappointed with the industry. Going to school is very expensive. The last time I heard the Harley program is around 26K, plus what you'll spend in living expenses, so if you want to work in the motorcycle industry take the time to seriously consider all the factors. Ride Safe.

Dr. Tramp......


I graduated from the exton UTI campus in January. I absolutely hated my time there the kids for the most part lived off of mommy and daddy not doing a *** thing to learn.

Don't get me wrong the knowledge was great but I have to agree with other students cancell was a *** absolute *** and no one did a *** thing about his arrogance and crude obscene gestures even towards the girls in his class. Then there was wolfer biggest *** of them all just pissed at every student for no reason didn't teach what so ever. Other than *** kids and a few absolutely horrible instructors its not bad just keep your head down do your stuff and get out.

I have a great job now and am actually applying what I learned. Just quit letting low life kids in they are only there because its a quick degree or whatever you wanna call it they are lazy people actually wanting to be a tech will do fine oh and a bunch of back stabbers and snitches go there

Diana F
@Former student

Hello Former Student, thank you for reaching out. May I ask if you ever reached out directly to your Education Manager or Student Services to express your concerns over the instructors you had?

If you wouldn't mind, I would encourage you to email me your contact information to my email address -

Your claims definitely concern me and I would like to get more specific information and details from you in order to investigate this matter. Thank you, Diana Fry - Social Marketing Specialist, UTI/MMI/NTI


hi my son is a student at uti at the present time,ive heard him complaining for 4 months now how this school sucks, i tryed to ignore him till one day i started reading feed back from students that attended uti, im very concerned about this school and shocked at what i have been reading, monday morning i will be researching the school and people who attended this school for more info!if anyone can write me and help me out i would really appreciate it! is it really a waste of money and is it true its hard to get a job afterwards, please help write me someone and help me speak with other students who have attended to know the real truth before i throw my money in the toilet!!!

i also know the atmosphere is real bad in pennsylvania boring!!!!!

ill be waiting to hear from someone

Diana F

We are very sorry to hear your son's frustrations with our school. Does he have any specific reasoning behind his complaints?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee our students employment, but our Employment Services Department takes major pride in assisting with the process.

Please don't allow a few bad reviews on this website alter your opinion on our school. In fact, I would suggest checking out our profile on College Prowler were you will find many positive reviews from students and graduates rating our schools by services and departments.


I am currently a student and UTI exton. the problem with the school lies in many lazy teachers along with many students that should have been kicked out for multiple different offenses, be it street racing, fighting, or even not knowing a single thing.

These kids skate by because UTI is a CORPORATE company. They are driven by money. I had multiple encounters in which students should have been removed from the premises. Likewise I was forced to live in a hostile environment where I had over three thousand dollars worth of damaged personal items and theft.

Even with proof and photographs the students were not removed from school. If you do no have a problem with having to deal with every self entitled *** that walks in the door, only to get into a class room where 70% of the time the teacher will give you test answers and teach you nothing more. Mr. Cancell told me that my mother wanted his fingers, gesturing the fingering motion of a woman.

Nothing was done about this. Good luck if you choose to go to exton.

I was able to learn a lot as I put my head into everything I did, however I will never be the kindhearted innocent person I was prior to coming here. With my knowledge I will at some point come back and put an end to the *** that is UTI exton

Diana F
@Undisclosed uti exton student.

Hello Undisclosed uti exton student - I am curious to hear more about your statements. Did you happen to go to Student Services with your concerns about fellow students and instructors?

We do assist our students with their housing and employment services, but we would never want to force anyone in a dangerous living situation.

If any of your issues with students or staff are unresolved, please feel free to email me at and I would be more than happy to investigate your situation in attempt to rectify any wrong doing. Thank you - Diana Fry, Social Marketing Specialist - UTI/MMI/NTI

@Diana F

I am very concerned with all the comments I'm reading on this site. I am a single mom with a son that is supposed to start at the Exton Campus the end of July, and we are struggling as to how he will be able to afford to attend.

I know that no school is perfect but this sounds like a definite red flag and maybe we should consider other options before going any further with this financial aid process. I think I would personally like to speak with the teachers before going any further with this process.

Would that be possible? Looking forward to hearing from Diana Fry about this request.

Diana F

Hello Gin! Please feel free to send me an email ( including your contact information.

You must remember that these few negative reviews do not represent our student and graduate population as a whole -- as there are THOUSANDS of students, graduates and fans. This website also is catered to feature only negative feedback. I will be more than happy to refer you to several websites you can visit to help give you more balanced and positive feedback from students and graduates who share their experiences. This content is not owned by us and all user reviews are strictly authentic!

I can also give you information about our scholarships.

UTI sponsors scholarships and other sources of funding that make over $11,000,000 available to our students annually. I look forward to hearing from you!


my son attended uti in exton, het hated it...he doubled up on phases so he could get out asap...we paid for everything up front and he finished early. on the day of his graduation we got a call that he could not graduate...that we owed 1700.00 dollars...we live over 4 hours from the school and it was a big day in his life to be done.

how can u owe money to someone when u pay up front and finish early? They said that the dates on financial aid had overlapped and we owed the difference. so why wait till an hour before graduation to tell us that? uti is a rip off, my son raced at a high level in NASCAR and is a total gearhead, he finished early and we paid up front.

now uti is after us for the money and they have sicked a collection agency on him. they r crooks and tried to strong arm us the day of his graduation. if u have any similar events to tell us about please let us know...we r gonna sue them and i would not recommend the school for any reason reason!

my son was the youngest kid there at 18, he attended class and his teachers loved him...UTI is a joke! They r crooks and we will make sure that we will tell as many people as possible what they did...and what they r doing now.

Diana F

Hi zeroe1963, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Exton campus. Although each case can be completely different, I can assure you that we are not a scam.

We live in a highly regulated industry and are held to strict rules by the Department of Education in regards to the way business is conducted. Were you able to connect with the Financial Aid department to discuss your son's situation? Please send me any specific details and your contact information and I would be happy to look into your situation in hopes of solving any outstanding issues.

You can reach me at Thank you - Diana Fry, Social Marketing Specialist UTI/MMI.


Im 6 phases into Uti and im really starting to doubt if I should go their or not people say that its cause u sleep in class & blah. blah.

but thats bs bc I have gone through the 6 phases wt a 3.8 GPA and aced almost all of those *** *** 10 question tests but I have no experience at all I consider that if I were to graduate in 6months from UTI I'd be only book smart and a real bad tech when it came down to the hands on portion im extremely upset bc I was really excited about this career and if I leave now I'd have to pay $11k for NOTHING! *** I loved going to uti but it was the worst mistake of my entire life.

Diana F

Hi John, what campus are you attending and what program are you in?


I WORK for uti EXTON and yep we take your money......we also give you an education.Stop sleeping in class pay attention... your paying for an education why pay 30K TO flip burgers??? dumb ***

this is your chance to learn stop slacking off


I WORK for uti EXTON and yep we take your money......we also give you an education.Stop sleeping in class pay attention... your paying for an education why pay 30K TO flip burgers??? dumb ***

this is your chance to learn stop slacking off


I had perfect attendance and perfect grades. Was Student of Phase runner up in 4 of the 11 phases I took.

I learned nothing- and I came in with very little hands-on wrenching background at all. I paid for it all myself (and got caught in their crooked financial aid scam), so I certainly did not try to skate by With those scandalous costs for enrolling you'd be *** to slack off. I have networking and computer engineering degrees but hated that field once I got into it so I looked to start new at UTI with something I actually like. Huge mistake and colossal ripoff.

Attending UTI in 2002-03 is the biggest easily the regret of my life. Back then it was $18k for auto tech only.

I got out after 11 phases and have nothing to show for it. I'd hate to see their costs now.

Diana F

Hi Michael, we live in a highly regulated industry and are held to strict rules with our advertisements, statements, and financial aid processes. I can assure you that we are not a scam and our statements are not false.

For any student (current or prospective) can view our statistics on student graduate and employment rates on our Disclosure page.

You can view the page on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab. If you had a bad experience with Financial Aid or Employment Services, please feel free to contact me at and I would be more than happy to look into your situation and attempt to resolve any outstanding issues.


I caught my teacher masturbating in class. He was a fagg0t!


Obviously the problem here is that the teachers are inbred, deadbeat alcoholics. How are the students going to learn if the teachers are banging their family members?


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