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Hi, we have been trying to reach you but we haven't heard a response from you via email and we don't have a phone number to contact you. We will continue to try to connect as we would like to understand more about your particular circumstance to see if there's anything we can do to assist.
Los Angeles, California

I traveled 90 miles a day to go to "tech" school for 2 years, I graduated the smog program at this tech school and now I'm 30,000 in the hole and have now job and have to have my parents help me, another same story and not to mention I don't have a job, they just collect money and don't care,

the employment lady was sending my out dated resumes out with the wrong phone number after I sent her and updated resume already..

That pissed me off the most, save your money and the students over their are ***, and talk a lot of ***, so if you can't handle that, you'll probably cry.

manipulative lucrative theives

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If you have a smog licence and can't get a job, you are pathetic.


Hi Goul101, My name is Diana Fry and I am the Social Marketing Specialist here at UTI. I am writing you this message because of your unsatisfactory experiences with the Employment Services Departments.

It is my responsibility to assist you. Would you please contact me so I can further investigate your information and see if I can track down the folks you spoke with and get some answers for you. Although we cannot guarantee employment, we pride ourselves on assisting our students from the beginning and throughout their entire career. Not to mention, you do have lifetime access to our Alumni Job Board and we encourage you to network with employers and graduates on our UTI Connect Facebook page.

I am sorry to hear you did not receive a high level of customer service, but I ensure that if you contact me, I can assist you. If easier, please email me over any specific details about the issues you have encountered. Names of people you spoke with, phone numbers, and dates will help for me to expedite get to the bottom of this.

My phone number is 623.445.9579 or you can email me at Thank you, Diana Fry Social Marketing Specialist Universal Technical Institute 623.445.9579


Quit crying because you cant make in in the industry. Why do people want to cry and blame other people because they suck. Not everybody is going to be able to *** it in life as a real man.

@Diesel Tech.

uti are liars diesel tech thats the bottom line

thats a fact, I have a better job now diesel

tech ITS PUNK *** LIKE YOU that uti has

after all the *** talking i have a job that I found my self


hey im looking for people to file a class action lawsuit need people to fund a lawyer and get these people back for mistreating students there consumers for so long email me at and we can get a meeting place