Missoula, Montana

In november 2011 i was on my way out of the army. In my chosen specialty, were not a lot of options in the civilian sector that would allow me to see my wife and kids on a regular basis.

So i decided to go to uti sacramento, i grew up familiar with cars and tinkering on engines to make them go faster, but i knew there was way more to the field than just know how to degree a camshaft. I took auto/diesel/industrial not sure what path i would take. Every tidbit of information and explanation as well as personal experience that was given to me helped tremendously. I put a great deal of effort into paying attention and trying to take in as much as possible.

I landed a job full timejob as i was going to school in a specialty shop. Had to balance a family, a job, and school. Once i graduated i moved on into another field offering better pay and great benefits. Applying mostly what i had learned from the school and the drive collected both in the military and what is also learned at the school if you apply yourself made me a valuable asset to the company as a field service technician.

Family matters sent me and my family out east to help. I then began working for volvo ce. Within 2 years i became 1 of 7 technician who were tcl-3 certified on the latest and greatest volvo had to offer out of 1062 technicians in the midsouth Pay was outstanding... once again moved back to california, landed a job at a caterpillar dealership as i was travelling to california and am currently employed with a more than favorable wage.

This is my experience. Im not the worlds greatest or fastest technician by anymeans. But the foundation that i gained from uti undoubtedly gave me a leg up on thr competition. Without proper foundation the road to the know is much longer as i have discovered working with many other many mechanics with many other backrounds.

You go to the school to learn about the technologies associated with todays machines and automobiles. Yet the technology makes more sense as you learn the older technology...which is still around, and will not go away.. which is also knowlege obtained from the school.

Sit down, pretend youre a sponge, quit worrying about what other people drive, what yoi can do to make your bucket go fast and put some effort into learning the *** to help you succeed. Every instructor i came across had a desire to actually help people learn.

But then again its not a perfect world it takes all kinds to make the world go round... you will always have shot bags and troublemakers everywhere you go. Most kids at the school *** around so much they dont learn anything. Their choice.

I gained a good amount of help from my experience at the scool. I dont have much negetive to say about it. But this is My experience not yours. You can bash it all you want.

Just know that im happy with it. Apply yourself. P.s.

every company i put time into consisently ask me when ill return. Feels good to be apreciated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Automotive Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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