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Thank you for providing feedback regarding Universal Technical Institute (UTI). We are sorry your experience was not a positive one. UTI’s sincere desire is to understand your frustration and our customer service representative is attempting to reach out to you directly per your request. As a leading provider of training for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians, UTI has graduated more than 200,000 technicians during more than 50 years in business. Our reputation is built not only on the quality of our training and instructors but also the success that UTI graduates experience in their careers.

My experience with uti all started all started with the commercials "great place to get certified automotive experience and get a great job working in the industry" what these ads should say is some here give us your money and we leave you with nothing only attended for about 4 months due to the fact there is no on campus housing and finding roommates was far from as easy as the employee who came to my house in an 80000 dollar Porsche stated basically tried to sell me on the highest possible education uti offered well the day came and i was so excited to start school here and took me 2 months to find a job to try and afford the 460 dollar rent that was due every month while making 9.15 an hour at home depot on 38 hours a week meanwhile driving 20 miles to school everyday hoping I didn't get pulled over by the mass amounts of police that hounded the school wake up at 530 to get to school by 6 get out 1-30 ish try and make it to work which was 30 minutes from the school by 2 o'clock work till 11pm then drive 40 minutes home don't have a chance to eat cause I have to shower and go to bed b4 midnight so I can try and rest b4 school the next morning I was emotionally distraught a stressed out about money and work and school I developed stomach ulcers that i needed meds couldn't sleep so my health was in bad shape eventually kept getting sick cause my body never got to rest I went there with a friend and within 4 months we both knew this school was useless barely spent time in the shop working on cars i was told by the salesman and I say salesman cause that is what the guy who comes to talk to you about the school really is said it was 50% classroom 50%shop get to school and its actually 90 % classroom to 10% shop me and my friend left this school with just about 12000 in debt for about 4 completed courses took me about 1 full year to even get my foot in the door of a repair shop since then nothing that uti even taught me was even used literally passed my ases by buying practice books i tell you they are alot cheaper then this school as ive seen people have been taking this to lawyers in hopes to get the debt scrubbed i will be doing this as well although i onlt have about 5800 dollars left tl pay.. Terrible school mot worth it get your foot in the door at a shop and learn the right way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Automotive Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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