This is in regards to a specific negative review, and others like it, about Universal Technical Institute. I graduated from UTI in Houston, January 2005.

Never ONCE was an associates degree mentioned. Everybody there knew it was a certificate only. You're either a liar or an ***. After graduation, I went through PTAP (Porsche) training in Atlanta, for FREE.

Afterwards, I had 22 job offers. Yes, 22! I started off at 50k per year, and 10 years later, I finally broke the 100k barrier. That's working 8-5, Monday through Friday.

All that extra time and money allowed me to attend college part-time, and I earned a Bachelors in Adult Education. As of this writing, I am now a technical trainer for another manufacturer. I make a bit less money, for now, but the benefits are excellent, and I travel to Europe about four times a year for train-the-trainer meetings. I have an awesome career!

YOUR problem, and it is YOUR problem, is that you want to make excuses for YOUR failures. You're one of those guys I remember from UTI, convinced you know everything, and too lazy to put in the work. And I call *** on those good grades you got. All my fellow students with good grades, and good attendance, were offered further FREE training, and a GUARANTEED job, with the various manufacturer apprentice programs.

I, for example, took the basic Automotive courses, no diesel or HVAC. Out of 16 courses, I was "student of the course" 12 times. My combined class and lab average was a 98.6. Oh, and I didn't miss class or show up late, either.

I worked my butt off to ensure I was one of the 12 students chosen every 6 months to attend PTAP. Guys, don't listen to this clown. He couldn't cut it, and now he wants to bad mouth UTI so his friends and family won't think he's a loser. Well, they may not know it, but REAL technicians do.

Real technicians who went to quality, proven schools like UTI, Wyo-tech, and Lincoln Tech, and put in the work. And one final thought for those of you who are reading this, and trying to decide on a technical school: if UTI is so bad, why would Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Volvo, Infinity, Nissan, Ford, etc., trust them with their apprentice programs?

Why would they draw their pool of applicants from there? Think about it.

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