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If you wanna learn how to turn a wrench buy a POS take it apart put it back together again and again make mistakes and learn from em. But if u wanna lrean all the languages of the automotive industry, learn how to diagnose electronic problems, use scantools and know how everything inside of a vehicle works pay UTI be a students by asking questions listen n class be about getting knowledge.

UTI aint gonna give u a job u will have to get they will point u to the right direction all u gotta do is go down that path if u gonna sit until somebody to give you a job u gonna be waiting for ever.

Dont expect to be a master tech after a year and a half a training its *** impossible *** within this industry change every day u have to be able to pick it up and roll with it learn from it. UTI maybe expensive but bet u it pay back if u willing to do what ever it takes

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Automotive Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Uti on a resume to a dealership literally does nothing for anyone


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