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Lies this school is all about money for what your paying for you get a certificate not a degree employers want a degree if your playing on making good money when your out of here so after you so call graduate be prepared to make minimum wage especially if you have no shop exp. I'm telling you because that's what happened to me 3.7gpa perfect attendance high 90s on all my labs and all I'm good for is lube tech no matter where I go making 8.75-10hr when they have said when your done you can land a job right after grad you'll be making +45k a year job fairs are just for the sponsors for themselves so you'll get an interview land a job and just make bottom dollar and stuck with a 32k bill after 6 months take it from me just get a lube tech job work with good tech that will teach you field work which they don't teach in uti and Just learn as you go you don't need to go here since I've been out in the field I've learned way more in 6mo the I did in 72wks at uti I can't stress it enough this school is a scam in every way don't get me wrong instructors are great they know their stuff but the curriculum is garbage and even they will tell you so their no way your going to learn about how the braking system works on a truck in 3wks and land a job doing brakes and how an automatic trans work in 3wks companies aren't gonna hire you to fix customers cars if you have no exp. plain and simple do yourself a favor and start out as a lube tech in independent shops and from the work your way up save the money and stress and TIME everything you need to take an ase test is online #exptrumpspaper

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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