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Sacramento, California
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Flat rate is what i am going to start with. You babies should quit crying about your hourly wage and start flat rating that ***, I mean come on now.

If you get jobs done fast, you will be worth more to the company and make more at the same time. Every job pays a certain amount of time, no matter how long it takes to do. The term is "flat rate". Sure you have to work but the place you are at is also called work.

Next is you *** who some how by the skin on your teeth get out of there by graduating, but slacked off the whole time and maybe learned/remember a fraction of the stuff taught.

You make the rest of us look like *** also, because you are so ***. I assure the industry of not only diesel but automotive technicians as well, these douches are not the majority.

You can learn as much or as little at UTI as you desire. I chose to learn as much as I can and know my stuff.

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