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Elmhurst, Illinois

Just found this site, wished I looked before signing myself and son to many years of a financial burden.

My son has been employed in the automotive industry since he was 16, this choice of enrolling him to advance his move up the ladder, and therefore his income was well earned, he had basic knowledge of the industry and a proven responsible employee going to work everyday improving his knowledge with each new job he accepted, opening the garage he worked for early on Saturday mornings

The sales rep promised how great the financial aid team for the school is, that sure was not our experience. Any help we needed in understanding and completing forms was not offered and when asked they'd stand over you at the computer in a room with others trying to find information on computers and others walking in and out. Now for a thirty thousand dollar investment, they should have provided one on one time in a private office, which they do for the sales rep selling you on your kid's future. I was told by the sales rep that as a single mom my loan would be a very small payment. Not the case, maybe I completed something on the forms incorrectly, I don't know because there was no assistance. This is where the financial aid department should have gone over the options so we would have been provided the best financing for our income, it probably would have been in my families best interest that my son incur the financing on his own.

As for the education. My son did find some of the instructors providing information to help improve his knowledge, but not the case with all. He had homework that consisted of word search and crossword puzzles, I find that unacceptable, UTI is not grade school, seriously thirty thousand for puzzles! He did well in class work and attendance, always A's,

My son did not get to complete his education, some paperwork was missing, we were told that they would extend the deadline to December, we beat that requirement, yet he was not allowed to return. I know of 4 others who enrolled at UTI, Only one completed the schooling, he still works at the same place when he started UTI. 1 out of 5 completing the UTI program are sad statistics

If you truly want to be a certified mechanic, it does not require a thirty thousand dollar education. Get a job at a local garage, work hard, learn from others. You can take ASE testing on your own, my son will when he'll have enough funds after paying for the large loan, Some garage's will even send you for certification. Save your money, it is not worth the investment in UTI.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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My son had the same problem. We were told everything was fine for months, then one day after he was in school 4 months we were told we had to pay $1000 per month or our son would not be allowed to continue. I was unemployed at the time so I cashed in my retirement to pay for it.


Hi gsdmix,

My name is Diana Fry and I am the Social Marketing Specialist here at UTI. I am writing you this message because of the unsatisfactory experiences both you and your son had with the Finance and Student Services Departments. It is my responsibility to assist you.

Would you please contact me so I can further investigate your information and see if I can track down the folks you spoke with and get some answers for you.

We pride ourselves on assisting our students from the beginning and throughout their entire career (with Financial Aid, Housing assistance, and with Employment Services).

I am sorry to hear you did not receive a high level of customer service, but I ensure that if you contact me, I can assist you.

If easier, please email me over any specific details about the issues you have encountered. Names of people you spoke with, phone numbers, and dates will help for me to expedite get to the bottom of this.

My phone number is 623.445.9579 or you can email me at

Thank you,

Diana Fry

Social Marketing Specialist

Universal Technical Institute



1 out of the 5, tells me there is more to the picture than work ethic, four of the five were already working in the auto industry. Word Search problems for a mechanical curriculum is not an acceptable assignment.

They want hands on training, which is best obtained in a garage, obviously not in a technical school.

Again, I stress to anyone wanting to become a certified mechanic, work in a garage, find a mentor, buy a car to repair, take the testing on you yourself from being in debt!! You do not need to complete a technical program to be certified


You cant blame the school because people cannot complete the curriculum. It means they are not dedicated enough to do so which speaks volumes about their work performance. As far as the loans, Welcome to America!