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Hi, we have been trying to reach you but we haven't heard a response from you via email and we don't have a phone number to contact you. We will continue to try to connect as we would like to understand more about your particular circumstance to see if there's anything we can do to assist.
Phoenix, Arizona

The school is not a school for mechanics or someone with any background in the field, the only way to get a course that your high school shop teacher already showed you isto spend $30-40,000 then you might be able to take a class on something you want to learn. The school is only there for the money education come second.

I would recommend the school to anyone that has picked up a wrench before. save youmoney and work your way up or community college for a 1/8 of the price. And what they also dont tell you is not everything is FASFA approved money will be coming from your pocket and the only jobs around are min.

wage,so you can barely live and pay rent when they get you for a extra 4000$ as a student. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY GO GET A JOB AND WORK YOUR WAY UP LIKE EVERYONE HAS DONE BEFORE.

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All the complaints seem to be from babys,man up ! A school is only as good as it student .you all must think B.S excuses are going to get you through your looser lifes.maybe to mama belives that *** ,but in the real word it don't float .

Diana F

Hi Sirrwilliam,

My name is Diana Fry and I am the Social Marketing Specialist here at UTI. I am writing you this message because of your unsatisfactory experience while attending. It is my responsibility to assist you.

Our industry relationships and manufacturer programs have allowed us to build a nationwide network of companies looking to hire UTI graduates. Although we cannot guarantee employment, we pride ourselves on assisting our students with employment, housing, and financial aid services from the beginning and throughout their entire career. Not to mention, you do have lifetime access to our Alumni Job Board and we encourage you to network with employers and graduates on our UTI Connect Facebook page.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to further discuss any outstanding issues or concerns you may have about your time spent at UTI. If you had any specific negative events or occurrences that happened, please know that I am here to help rectify those issues and make sure they do no happen again.

My phone number is 623.445.9579 or you can email me at

Thank you,

Diana Fry

Social Marketing Specialist

Universal Technical Institute


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