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Dallas, Texas

I graduated from UTI in 02'. I went because the ad's promise you that you will make more than 15 dollars an hour starting after you graduate and that you will be certified.

After i graduated, the only job i could get was a lube tech and a light line job. I was let go for poor performance. After that, i could not find a job. I fell back on student loans and now i owe over 30k.

If you ask me, the school is not worth more than 9k. You don't even get a degree but a certificate for one year of school. And they charge you for like 19 to 23k!! It is a total rip off.

And these kids dont see throught it and go. Now i am in a world of student loans that i can't pay!

Thank you UTI! For ruining my life!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Our son is attending UTI in Charlotte now. Nascar Tech.

He is training on the Nissan Certification track. From our discussions with him , and through our own research- we found that only 60% of the kids who start wind up graduating. He has echoed that in his remarks about how many kids he started out with, have left school. This is a serious school.

If you are going there just because you dont want to go to college, then don't go here either. It is a rigorous curriculum. You are expected to also have a part time job to help with living expenses and food because there are no dorms. Those costs are beyond the tuition fee which is pricey.

That said, you are expected there in class on time, present yourself properly and professionally, ask for help if you do not understand things. If you are late, time is docked from your attendance report, just like in the real world. You are graded on attendance as well. The classes roll in 3 week cycles, so you better be darn serious and love this work, or you will fall behind if skip classes.

My son is graduating in a few months. He has a few of his ASE certifications already, and has started speaking with dealerships who are eager to hire from UTI- dealerships we went to on our own, not those offered by the school. There are also those that the school works with. If you are a good student, and have a good work ethic, there is no reason you should not be able to find work of some form in this field, unless you had very poor grades or do not present yourself in a positive manner at interviews.

I wish you well, but there are two sides to every story and we were very skeptical about this school at the start since it was a lot of money, and loans taken on. But they have come through on what they promised, the rest is up to our son and how successful he wants to be.


My comments above are for anyone who is considering going to this school now, not particularly about the original post. Although,

I felt it is only right to present a positive story along with a negative experience.

I hope that since his post was made, that this fellow has found his way to a good position. We are keeping our fingers crossed as well, for our son, and hope he does find a situation that he is happy with, and earning a living in the field he enjoys.


sounds like poor performance ruined your life


thats some ***


Sounds to me like you just suck. Maybe work harder and you won't get fired for poor performance....


It is so true that these companies that train students are making big promises that is just not out there a select few will find a good paying job but you basically need to be a genius and you are not a genius having one year of schooling .no practical experience taught very shameful. I feel for anybody getting in the automotive industry or the marine repair industry because it's just so hard to make a living you have to invest a major amount of money in tools to even be able to work on these cars and boats just does not pay get a job and medical or computer you're better off ...


Exactly what did you not learn? This was 12 years ago.

Poor performance is your fault, not UTI if it was not for lack of knowledge. What is it that you could not do that was TUI's fault for not teaching you? Auto mechanics is not a job that requires a degree.

What exactly were you asked to do at this job that you could not do that was a result of your UTI education that caused you to get fired and never get another job in the field? Where did you find the successful mechanics had gone for training and why were you unable to get the same?

I am trying to understand what exactly you did not get in training that was required by such a entry level job, even though you supposedly paid attention, studied, did the lessons, practiced as much as you wanted on their equipment, and could ask all of the questions you wanted?

Did you ever go back and ask questions of the teachers related to your job and they refused to talk or help you understand the job better?

Could you be more exact in what you did not learn that you needed to know?

Also, what are you doing now?


These schools do not teach the simple basics and not every car is the same the drain plug for the oil is not in the same place sometimes it is confusing whether it is a oil drain plug or a transmission drain plug this comes with experience it is hard to get dumped into even simple oil change and filter change when you have no practical experience that the schools do not teach yes I have equipment but in basic daily world you need very simplified training of what you are actually going to work on as a entry-level technician there you go Susan what do you do for a living ???


I'm 17 years old and I can put a car on a hoist, drain the oil, replace the filter, and pour in the new oil, with the same amount of effort it takes to lift my pinky finger.... Its pretty simple and I've done it many many many times my friend. No training what so ever.


So, you could only find a job as a lube tech and got let go for poor performance. Sounds like you suck at your job.


Wow, really did you pay attention to the important stuff? UTI is not there to teach you to turn a wrench.

They teach you theory, the way everything works. In breaks we didn't just learn about the breaks on a car, but the theory behind how hydraulics work.

If you understand how hydraulics work could you not work on other hydraulic systems, like the ones found on heavy equipment? You have your whole career to learn how to wrench on a car, you don't have that same chance to learn the theories behind how it all really works.


Lol looser my first job pay 17 and after 2 years I make 22 , u are the problem not the school


I laughed out loud at "I was let go for poor performance". curious how he graduated in '02 from Dallas when it is the new campus that's only been there like 2.5 years or so. did he mean 2012? It's

I read thru a few other comments and agree with most of the others that UTI promised you nothing. I am currently about half way thru the program in Dallas, and I know they never promised me anything. They DO help you find jobs, and for good students there are a lot of companies who actively recruit from UTI. However, they do have pretty high standards for minimum GPA, attendance rates, background checks, speeding tickets, and Drug testing. I have a hunch that the individual who posted these slanderous accusations did not meet there standard, or the standards of many reputable shops.

I mostly see two main types at school: those who excel and love what they are learning, and those who just want to pass. I could rant all day about the experience of the teachers and the equipment and tools, and when you add that up it does justify the cost. If being the best tech you can be is not your interest, then check with your local community college. UTI does give you the very best environment to teach you an amazing amount, but what you learn will depend on how high you prioritize understanding. you can memorize a lot of stuff well enough to pass the classes, but It will be very difficult to diagnose a problem if you don't really know how something works.

@mr S.O.C

I am thinking about going there an need feed back before I put the foundation of my life on it.


Ok seriously people this isnt a F'n collage you are not attending for 4 years ok ofcourse you are not gonna get a degree and companys arent gonna give you 15 an hour comming out of UTI you gotta earn it and show them what can you do i am making my way into UTI soon because i wanna be the best i can be if your gonna sit at the back of the class and day dream your not gonna learn jack *** stop *** and complaining UTI doesnt say job guarented if your gonna be lazy and do a poor performace you will be let go like any other job you get....this school isnt for you if you think this is a quick way to get by.....and no wonder why some dealerships dont hire some UTI graduates its not UTIs fault its the lazy kids that attends fault for giving them a bad rep a buddy of mine attended UTI for diesle when he got out and was working for a dealership then acouple years later he got a job working on diesle trucks Why? Because he loves what he does and has the pasion for it like my self you gotta work hard to get where you wanna get in life nothing is a walk in the park so stop with this negative *** because you failed in life its not the schools fault its YOU so stop ***


"I went because the ad's promise you that you will make more than 15 dollars an hour starting after you graduate and that you will be certified."

UTI didn't promise you that


No school is going to give you a job...they will help you find a job...

The school is responsible for teaching you. You are responsible for learning..

I been attending Uti in Dallas Tx for the diesel program and is one of the best program..

Not even the military training and school for engineering was this good...

UTI is what you make out of it...

If you are not learning everyday then you have a problem..

As for me ...I am excited everyday to attend school and learn somenthing new...


Looking at going to school there. Should I or not? :?

Diana F

Hi there duck838. Which campus are you looking into?

Have you been able to visit and tour the campus? I would suggest connecting with an Admissions Representative who can give you information about our programs, tuition cost, our housing and employment services and answer any outstanding questions you may have. You can reach us at 800-273-8339. Also, you head over to view our profile on the College Prowler website.

You will be able to connect with current students and alumni who share their experiences organized by campus and department. The website is not owned by us, nor do we encourage students to write reviews - all feedback from users is strictly authentic!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to shoot me an email at and I will be able to point you in the right direction! Thank you - Diana Fry, Social Marketing Specialist - UTI/MMI


If you do what you are supposed to be doing in school and actually learn unlike you and the rest of the people who think that if you just show up everyday with little effort on your own part that you will become a sucessful technician. You are strongly encouraged to go and get ASE certified while attending the while most people will not bother. If you strive to suceed uti does work there are too may lazy *** unmotivated people taking loans out to attend this school and yes it is a waste of money if you pay 30k only to show up and not learn anything every day.


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