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Los Angeles, California

Hi my Name is Sergio and I am writing this letter to whom ever can assist me, I attended UTI from September of 2009 to November of 2010 I had discontinued with the ford F.A.C.T program due to financial status and I observed I was getting no where and employment options were disappearing fast. Now I do recall that when a scout ended up coming to my parents home and introducing the school and what was it all about, the person stated 98% of the students graduated from UTI would be fitted in working for an automotive dealer and so on and so forth, that the minimum pay grade for anyone graduating UTI would start @$15-$17 an hr. Well I ended up attending and I'm guessing so did all of southern California, the classrooms were packed courses were slammed and there was more book work or sitting in the class doing nothing, than the "hands-on" experience I/everyone was promised. Sure I befriended a lot of students an a few I still keep in touch and out of all the 37 of whom I have questioned about employment, had the similar response "work at a fast-Food place", "retired home", "gasoline store clerk", and over half of those unemployed. I guess I consider my self kind of fortunate that I found a job after I dropped out working at a quick lube station at $9 an Hr, it was ok at first thinking I could pay back all of the FED LOAN within the first years, but like they say "life happens" I became a father not too long ago and was thrilled about it but then my daughter got sick, having seizures, and now still the same pay rate but now I am struggling with bills and had my car repossessed hrs have been reduced significantly from 40+ to now 30-32 hrs per week after the bills I am even lucky if I have money for groceries. The government will not help me with SNAP due to I had to move back in with my parents. Sometimes I think to myself what did I do to deserve this, I went to an institute to earn more money, and now it looks like the high school drop out gets more money than me in a job where the "skills" I learned are not used at all and it seems like I'll never be able to get out of this hole I'm in.

please if you could respond to my message and give me any information on any way I can get a little help it would be greatly appreciated. my email is thank you for your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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guys!!! if you have a complaint please go to this link!


I just withdrew today. They lied and I am older than there average student, therefore, I want justice.

I am still seeking the same field, only through my community college. NTI is not accredited and people need to know because they claim that they are. I think too many huge companies gain from the piramid scheme. Fox channel and now NASCAR it is shameful to say the least!

I looked them up before I enrolled to make sure they were not your run of the mill rip off and found nothing but bad and good reviews much like Kaplin University who people claim is not accredited but they are, I know from experience for a fact. However, NASCAR Technical Institute is not Regionaly accredited, therefore, you cannot take your credits and/or money lost (a whole lot of money) outside of the state of North Carolina! It is not a real degree if you community college in the same *** state doesn't recognize it and states that they are not accredited.

Buyer beware because that is all UTI is, nothing but a bad purchase! Run away because you will not find it online, too many biggies making money on it and should be ashamed of themselves!


I am an employer, however I learned that UTI will lie about the students they "recommend" don't have REAL knowledge or qualified to take the ASE tests. The school does NOT teach in entirety automotive mechanics and will only touch on the basics.

I hired a few students but learned later the school compiled a fake resume to make their students shine. In all: the students only knew sand could perform brakes, oil change and spark plug changes.... To a point! One student was unable to perform a simple brake job on a Volkswagen, another had no clue how to work on hybrids, another student could not perform a preventative maint check.

I fired those students and later discovered a few others had criminal backgrounds when I was interviewing despite the school advising no Felons are enrolled.

UTI is a waste of anyone's money and DOES NOT cover enough in this field for anyone to get a job. My opinion and best advise: enroll in a occupational trade school in your local community that has on going classes that can offer instruction at half the cost UTI charges

@A.T. Automotive Partners LLC

As a graduate I can attest that they don't give you any practical hands on training. For example there was only one class where you could work on brakes .

But as far as strut changes dropping transmissions ect, they tell you you need to get a part time job to get actual hands on experience. The truth is that unless you have been w9rking as a "c" tech or an apprentice, you will not be ready to move up quickly ir do more than oil changes. The hours are rediculous either 6:40 to 1 or 2 to eight. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY CREDIT OR TIME THIS PLACE WILL NOTlo DO WHAT THE ADVERTISEMENTS SAY .

Go to a local community college w8th reasonable touition ( mine was 40,000 @uti plus I stupidly purchased 10k in snapon tools through the sales man at school.) And start at an independent shop where you can learn the basics and go on from there.

Also I was the ONLY one on my class with a job when I graduated. 7 years later I am no longer a mechanic and still paying off my student loans


Please tell me your joking, I'm in no way affiliated with UTI other then curiosity and possibly attending later on, But I feel compelled to guide you. Noone can assure employment in an unsteady economy such as this. Second those promises were made under the impression that you would complete the entire program and be specialized in a certain division.

From these quotes:

"I had discontinued with the ford F.A.C.T program due to financial status"

"I guess I consider my self kind of fortunate that I found a job after I dropped out"

It sounds to me like you never completed the program so anything they promised is not because they are a "joke with false guarantees" It is because you never graduated from the school. I hardly believe a nationally accredited post secondary school would keep that status lying to students and giving false hope as you say they are.

"Sometimes I think to myself what did I do to deserve this?"

you dropped out

Don't soil another name because you made mistakes.


Completing the program is not a "magic" way to get into a high paying career. That comes with experience.

Some of these designer schools are way overpriced. AT Automotive partners hit the nail on the head: Go to a local trade school and get some *** experience.

Or you can always go to a real college and get a real degree that you can actually do something with, instead of spending crazy amounts of money to get a certificate that says you think you know how to turn a wrench.

22yrs exp. ASE Master Tech

ASEP Graduate


I finished UTI SOCin 13 courses directors list 100℅ attendance graduated Ford fact top of the class the whole bit even had to give a speech at the grad ceremony I did get a job 1 week after graduation .... But 5 years later at 17.00 an hour flat rate doesn't quite cut it with 2 young kids and you know life ....

Spent 35000 to make a dallor more an hour accept now I do it from behind a mountain of debt, pitiful, don't know how I missed all this while enrolling ....blinded by the promise of 80000 annual income I suppose .... If I could do it over I would have went to a community college with an automotive program


Hi Sergio, did you directly work with your Employment Specialist in assisting with your job search? While we cannot guarantee employment, we do pride ourselves in assisting our students from the beginning and through-out their entire career.

Also, we live in a highly regulated industry and are held to strict rules with our advertisements and statements.

For any student (current or prospective) can view our statistics on student graduate and employment rates on our Disclosure page. You can view the page on the Universal Technical Institute website under the "Student Services" tab.


My advice, quit working hourly and flat rate that ***. If you are working 40 hours in a shop and only bringing home 40 of pay, you are half-stepping.

I know you learned about flat rate at UTI. If you start flagging more hours I guarantee you will make more money, you will get your hours back and maybe even a raise. In this field you can move up in a month or a year, depending on your competency level.

So keep that in mind and start busting ***. Nobody said it would be easy, you have to work hard in life to take care of business for the family.