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San Antonio, Texas

Real world training for real world jobs. That's what UTI advertises, but in essence, if you have any automotive experience helping anyone who works on cars than you have no need to go this school.

I attended the Houston campus in 2002 and graduated in 2003. When the recruiter came to my house, he informed me that "If you take just the automotive courses you will just recieve a certificate of completion... but if you take the automotive and diesel courses you will recieve an Associates Degree of Applied Science." So I did what anyone would do and take both auto and diesel courses. I mean do you really want to pay 25K for a certificate??

The classes were dull, out of all the teachers I had only 3 of them truly truly knew their stuff. HOT ROD U was a joke. All in all i believe this school is a scam. Out of the 10 or so people I still keep in touch with from school, only 2 are working in the automotive industy.

The rest of us all agree that it was just a huge waste of money, so if your thinking of attending, THINK TWICE and look into other options. I have been wanting to write something like this for quite some time now, and well after the events that happened to me today , I am now writing it. When i graduated from UTI I recieved a wallet size AOS , "Associates Degree", and a certificate in a diploma sleeve. The at then director of the school told me that he put that certificate in the sleeve so that I didnt walk away with anything because my "ASSOCIATES DEGREE" was on "back-order" .

He said that once it came in, it would be mailed to my house. He even wrote a lil note on a post it note and posted it on my diploma. I laminated my wallet size AOS degree and kept it in my wallet, big mistake. That wallet got lost over the years, and well I never needed to use my degree.

I got into another industry so never thought about getting a copy of my degree. Just recently a job opening that I really want became open, and well with it being in the automotive industry, I put in a request for both my transcripts and a copy of my degree. After talking to the finance and student services people, who were quick to take my 35 dollars, I have yet to recieve my transcripts. To top it all off and to my surprise, they told me that I didnt get an ASSOCIATES DEGREE, only recieved a certificate.

I tried getting to the bottom of this, mainly because on my resume and application I sent to the employer I am hoping to work for, I stated that I did recieve my ASSOCIATES DEGREE. The woman in accounting in the Houston office gave me the run around for a week. She claims that they no longer have the paperwork that i recieved when i graduated. They also informed me that they have since "updated" their computer system and no longer have any records stating that I recieved my DEGREE!!!

They gave me a wallet size one that i wish i never kept in my wallet. I know that is my fault , but anyone would think that UTI would have these records. Like I said in the beginning of this letter, UTI seems like a total SCAM!.. I started doing research and well it seems I am not the only one that has had problems with UTI.

Even read about a few lawsuits pending against them. The thing that really got me going is how the accounting lady in Houston , "ERICA" , could easily over the phone tell me what they gave my when I graduated. I HAD THE DEGREE IN MY HAND!!! HAD IT IN MY WALLET!!!

And your gonna sit there and tell me I never recieved a degree and that i basically spend 30K on a certificate that means nothing. I am not happy at all with them.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Well, that's your opinion. My husband graduated last year as one of the top of his class, on graduation day he didn't get his diploma, either but it was mailed to him within the month.

He has only had good experiences with this school and was able to get jobs, he wouldn't have a chance at without UTI.

Of all the people he is in contact with from school (about 15 guys) only ONE is not working in the industry and that guy is just making better money driving limosines. UTI has a placement rate of 90%, I guess you were just one of the 10% too dumb to make it.


Thats too bad. I graduated in 1994 so things have definately changed.

I think the company has grown too much to keep on top of its own curriculum. When I attended it was pretty much 50/50 hands on shop time to classroom work. I was told even back then that my degree is not an associates degree per se. You would need to take additional classes in a local community college.

It is "credit towards". I am no longer in the automotive field but a lot of the info learned can be carried over to another trade or field.


I attended the Rancho Cucamonga campus straight out of high school. As i took the tour, the tour guy was washing my brain with fake promises saying you'll graduate with associate degree and we'll help you find a job before you graduate and you'll be making nearly 100k a year.

I had to take general automotive, diesel, and smog technology in order to get the degree i was paying for. The day I graduated the ceremony from the start was complete chaos previous graduates were lining up at the financial aid office complaining about something they didn't want us to know until after we walked the stage. While my class walked the stage everyone had a weird look on their faces because the ''DIPLOMA'' was printer paper thin. After a month of graduating I was already receiving student loan fees.

While I looked for jobs I was still receiving student loan bills.

Up to this date I am still being bugged by the loaners and getting my tax returns revoked because I attended this *** school that promised me nothing but lies. Anyone reading this please don't fall for this scam or you'll be in debt for quite a while.


I did my homework before considering this school and NO WHERE in the paperwork, nor talked about in administration conversations, seminars, scholarship discussions, was there ever any indication I would get anything more than an ASI in the technical field I was interested. I think somewhere along your road you may have misconstrued the Assoc degree would require college credits with UTI did not offer. You may be able to apply for a credit for the ASI towards college but that is about all I think you'd get.


i attended u.t.i. in orlando for four months before i was forced to withdraw and return home due to family reasons.

2010. now it is 2016 and im just now getting hit with an extra amount of $3000.00. six years later. now they say unless i pay this i cant return to school.

thats f'd up. great school


I graduated from the Avondale location, with student of the phase in a few courses was acceptable into audi if I wanted but was working for lexus at the time I was going to school, so just stuck it out with Lexus glad I did great manufacturer to work for. Out of shool I made 33k granted I was apprenticeship for part of year following year jumped up to 45k currently between 65-70k. You get what u put into it, I got my associates in automotive science.


That's so weird!! I graduated from there, also top class for multiple manufacturers courses and straight out of college I am making 70K or more a year. It may be just me but it sounds like you just might really suck *** at life, so chill bro!


Im in uti exton and i feel the same way, im in the diesel and industrial and its a joke we use machines that we will never use in the field. We have so many kids that sit around all day and the teacher is okay with.

They do tours everyday and it is a huge scam. They bring in kids by saying its not about the money. But when you give them money they still want more?

The trucks are run down and years old, the cars are mostly beat and rigged by students so the run half asked im in class right now and could send pictures of 19 kids sitting on their ***. You learn if you are hands on in my opinion and from my skills and its mostly class work and test.


well i hope for the poeple that did post here and had a good experience and graduated .. is true ,cuz i've been thinking of going here for awhile i thought of going to AAI but they wanted to see my tax return which was last year and i hadn't done them at that moment told them would get it done within the week ,then told me if i wanted to go to school there , that i would have to pay $2,000 up front ..and i dont have that kind of mony to throw down.especially with child support on my *** ..


I graduated from UTI in 2014 after taking auto, diesel and industrial with an associates. I then took Volvo safe and now currently employed with Volvo making 20hr after just a year and plenty more coming with time. It all depends what you take and make out if it.


I'm sorry to hear about this. But my husband is no working right after graduating UTI.

UTI got him several offers to go to Texas, Utah, Idaho and New Mexico. We picked the one that would utilize all his credentials. He's now working for the biggest trucking company there is and out in the mining field making enough to support our little growing family while I stay at home. His tuition was doubled what you owe, so I'm assuming you only got a certification.

I'm sorry for what you went through if there was a misunderstanding. But UTI helped my hubby graduate with an Associates Degree AND placed him in his current job now. Even when with no experience. He's now have gained almost a year of experience and making a little more than $20 an hour.

We feel blessed and honored for him to have gone to UTI.

He's signing up for National Guards Reserves so that $42,000 tuition would be wiped clean once he starts. Wish you best of luck and God bless.


Only the Avondale campus you get an associates


Well I will say one thing with auto/diesel you did not get an associates degree in applied science. I to went to UTI and only went through the automotive coarse and received the same wallet card you got.

You had to take auto, diesel and industrial to receive the degree. Sorry

@Eddie Elliott

I did the auto and diesel and I didn't get no dam degree all I got was certificate 40000 down the drain and a waste of the va benefits I earned the school is a ripoff


How long are the classes??


I graduated from the Phoenix campus in '09. It is what you make of it.

It took me two years post grad to get to where I am and now I'm a field service tech making $25/hr with great bennies. Not bad.


Odd.... i graduated automotive with tpat in July of 2013.

Had a job by September after moving 600 miles for my wife to attend school. Yeah id say uti failed me since I'm working on maseratis now. Oh the sarcasm.

Maybe get better grades an be a better person. Education isn't handed out, you have to absorb and use what is offered to you.

Some great teachers at the Chicago campus.


Funny because I graduated with straight a's but got no job. Went to a real school git a buisness degree and now I work for disney in sales department. Yeah the school is a joke.

@bob Jeffrey

Wow....."straight A's"...hmmmm.....then to a 'real school' to GIT A BUSINESS DEGREE.....TO WORK FOR "disney" in sales.....

Wow.......there is way too much wrong with your post to even address. If you use this *** poor writing to apply......i

I'm amazed even Disney hire you!!

(note the capitalization for the name of the company)

UTI - as any other school - only is up to the student to succeed. There are graduates from the highest regarded schools on the planet that cannot get hired in their field due to personality, attitude, past legal issues, etc.....

If UTI was truly "a joke" - there wouldn't be thousands of successful graduates living their dream because of all their hard work and ability to use what they learned at UTI.

It all comes down to the individual!


It has nothing to do with the individual. I knew more in a week than some of my teachers did.

Some teachers knew their *** while others were there simply to collect a paycheck. I applied to several dealerships after graduating and all of them said flat out they refuse to hire UTI grads cause they don't teach you ***. It's 90%class and 10% hands on. So ya im one of the many that wastes my time and money.

Since then I got my bachelor's in petroleum engineering and I'm in grad school at Texas ATM getting my masters.

Wish I had listened to the thousands of negative reviews beforehand. Just cause there are a handful of success stories doesn't mean the school isn't a scam as a whole....cause we all know it really is!


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