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Elmhurst, Illinois

Not what i expected at all. as far as curriculum...

Not the best, and i say that because we get 3 weeks per coarse. that includeds lectures, tests, labs, and sitting around time while the instructors do absolutely nothing but find ways to harras and embarress students. There is one instructor.. MR Nagel...

what a pathetic man. He has nothing better to do than be a cigarette nazi. he has come up to me 3 times now and literally yelled in my face about smoking. he supposedly has some problem with me smoking in the street which is well past the required 15-25 feet away from the building.

He has gone as far as yelling obsenities, being demeaning, sarcastic, and humiliating me in front of alot of other students. This last time he even tried to reach out and grab and touch me near my arm and chest area...not once.. TWICE!! i have 16 signatures of students that saw and heard everything that happend that day..

even when he made me pick up cigarette butts off the ground that werent even mine!. y??? i have reported him to the Education Manager but so far nothing has been done. not even an apology!.

so i have decided that if the school isnt gonna take any disciplinary action towards him violating, assaulting, humiliating me, then imn gonna have to press charges myself!

After i recieve a copy of the police report i plan to meet with the presedent of the school to see what matters we can clear up from there.. If they Arent Going to fix the problem, THEN I WILL

Monetary Loss: $35.

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It's funny reading the comments on here. I have no proof, but I'm sure the student who wrote this was most likely in the wrong someway or another.

And the structure for courses only being 3 weeks will a new subject is great. You attend 4.5 hours of class, let's say 4 hours total of learning, 5 days a week. In one week, you've just gained 20 hours of training. And I read a comment below about how you can't get a job afterwards, and don't do it if you don't want to be a grease monkey your whole life; if your not looking at automotive work for your career then don't go to UTI!

I'm a current student, and I plan on working on cars till I die. I came here from studying Architecture, and because it's what I want to do with my life, I absolutely love it.

@Current Student

*** "For the rest of my life" how much did they pay you fagg!


so do you want a hurt feelings report you little b!@#$#@, suck it the *** up and admit to ur mistakes.


Vega that is such an ignorant thing to say. Its not about sucking it up if you knew howto rread he said he was clearly smoking in areas where he was allowed to.

This teacher clearly had a problem and should be dealt with.

Teachers are there to teach students not be little them you pay a lot of money to go to school so I don't blame him for bein pissed... Its people like you that clearly dont think with the right head and make ignorant comments...


UTI blows in all aspects. Cigarette issues or not that place is a joke.

After graduating with a 97% attendance rate and a 3.75 GPA, I got a few good offers from dealers or manufacturers. Didn't get any promising offers, interviewers could care less about the education, they want people with experience. I left that industry, got a BA in business finance, much happier with the job opportunities. UTI is a waste in my opinion unless your primary objective is to turn wrenches and work with a bunch of wannabe hard *** know-it-all tough guys and make *** for a salary.

Get a real degree, and while you're at it, learn some grammar and/or punctuation skills.

It truly is hilarious reading what you guys write. I thoroughly enjoy it.


yeah dude, you probably shouldnt've got yelled at but why did you stand there and pick them up,, whats the worst you could've got, a downgrade for saying no? and as far as smoking during class, its a school rule. i disagree with it, i smoke, but a rule nonetheless


Anyone that is named "Noah" is definitely ghey, or a Mormon, so keep that in mind while reading these reviews, too. Little fagg0T!


from all the comments, i understand that the least intelligent students don't make it, or maybe settle for a pep-boys job. which anyone should be qualified for. and those of us who at least got the GED will be furthering ourselves.


They usually have designated smoking areas for students. The only people that think negative are the ones that don't care about there schooling.

If you actually care about the money that you are spending and the rewards you get after school are amazing. Discont tools, great friends, great job offers.

What is negative about the program? You spend a little over a year (depending on your programs) and look where you get with your life


I've been reading all of your guys' comments and wow you guys should save your money and take english classes instead. "Who taughted you knee-groes how to spoke?" Bunch of wall biters, filthy pakis & coons.

white is right! 88 :grin


Wow man thats gotta suck. cuz ima smoker and i would kill some one that did that to me.

thats not there bissness.

tell that dude to shove a *** up his *** crack. lmao


i am plaining on going to u.t.i for tech trqaining and that really made me think about if i wanna do it or not.


Take english class first and don't go off one dumbf**k's comment.


Too bad they can't teach you how to spell there...


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