I went to the Exton, PA campus. This field is for people that are knowledge thirsty, physically strong, work hard and are independent.

If whoever is attending the school does not have all of those they will fail. I went to college and I also went to this school. You learn a whole lot especially if you apply yourself and force yourself to learn it not just memorize it to get grades. You also need to be on time.

If you do not do those things you will get bad grades and will not be eligible for a scholarship into one of the Manufacturer Specific Training courses. That is how you can get hired coming out of school making more then $15/hr. I did Auto/Diesel/Industrial Mechanics. I took a short break to get my Class A CDL.

I took and studied and passed the 608 + 609 certifications. I also got PA State Inspections and PA Emissions Licenses. I then went into manufacturer specific training for International. I had 3 dealerships fighting over me when I got out.

I started at 18/hr. I also worked full time when I went through all of it. I ran on 4hrs of sleep the entire time. I was the only kid that was able to work full time and complete manufacturer training at that point.

I graduated in 2012. I graduated with an B+ GPA. I currently pull down 23/hr as a Diesel Tech. I was not paid by the school to say ****.

Work hard get paid well be lazy get paid little. It is the way the world works.

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