I graduated UTI from the Houston Campus in 1987. I have worked my way through the independant side of the industry for the last 31 years. The last 22 years has been running my own 10 bay shop in the North Dallas area. I have employees working for me that also went to UTI and are some of the brightest most talented young individuals i have seen. It's not an easy career path and does have several challenges to it.

As far as the school goes I received my 2 year degree and having this gave me two things.One It opened a lot of doors for me and two built on my fundamental foundation of how things work and need to be diagnosed.

I was not the best student or person back then when i started with the school but I became a much better person and tech after I went.

So once again you get what you give.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Technical Institute Program.

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